HouseMeProud Rolls Out Summer Vacuum Reviews for Pet Hair, Pest and Pool Cleaning

June 22 07:11 2019
HouseMeProud Rolls Out Summer Vacuum Reviews for Pet Hair, Pest and Pool Cleaning

Orlando, FL – HouseMeProud has launched its latest reviews of vacuums, with the newest set being aimed at the summer cleaning niche. Covering a range of vacuums, from those aimed at eliminating pet hair and pests to those intended to help with pool maintenance and clean-up, their reviews offer a timely resource for homeowners readying for the hot season.

While vacuums are readily available, consumers often struggle to find ones designed with a particular purpose. The majority of stores offer all-purpose household cleaning vacuums, leaving the burden of trial-and-error to the consumers to find a vacuum outfitted for their specific cleaning needs. HouseMeProud recognized this gap in the vacuum review industry and launched their product review site accordingly. Their aim is to help readers find a vacuum for all needs.

Their latest reviews present vacuums that readers will want to invest in to prepare for the summer season. For pet owners as well as hikers and camping enthusiasts, they have covered the best vacuum for fleas. These units have a greater capacity to clean up animal hair compared to generic vacuums, and they feature enhanced maneuverability and extensive attachments to help reach nooks and crevices where fleas may reside.

The reviews for the best vacuum for pools similarly serve a niche purpose. While pool owners tend to clean the surface of pools, capturing any debris afloat on the water, research has shown additional benefits result from cleaning the floors of pools. Vacuums that clean pool floors eliminate bacteria and other harmful contaminants. HouseMeProud has compiled the top pool vacuums on the market to help pool owners achieve thorough cleaning and improved sanitation.

In addition to these summer-ready vacuumers, HouseMeProud covers a range of other topics for vacuums of varying functions, assuring readers that there is a product out there that will excel over the others. They can recommend the best vacuum for Berber carpet as well as the best one for hardwood floors or under beds. The scope of their reviews is expansive.

Interested parties can visit the HouseMeProud website for more information on picking the right vacuum for any home. With their new vacuum reviews for summer freshly launched, they are hoping to remind readers that there is a vacuum out their engineered for their particular home. Their reviews aim to make homeowners proud of the deep cleans they can achieve.   

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