New Social Media & E-Commerce Platform Dress-AS Showcases Success of Creator’s Stunning Zero Cost Influencer Marketing Strategy

June 25 12:23 2019
New Social Media & E-Commerce Platform Dress-AS Showcases Success of Creator\'s Stunning Zero Cost Influencer Marketing Strategy
Displaying a remarkable skill and knowledge of what works in no-cost influencer marketing Howard from AmericanStyle has quickly built the brand’s Instagram to over eight million followers and now taken their new e-commerce website to over 70,000 users in just 30-days.

June 24, 2019 – There are many places to shop for clothing online and no shortage of Instagram accounts showcasing beautiful women wearing brand apparel. This makes breaking through and building a following quite a challenge for most fashion companies or online stores.  Howard from AmericanStyle is not one of them. Possessing a passion for the industry combined with his own Zero Cost Influencer Marketing Strategy, Howard recently celebrated what can only be described as an industry stunning pair of achievements, first building the Instagram @americanstyle starting in December 2011 to over 8 million followers and now seeing the brand’s new social media and e-commerce website break 70k visitors and users as confirmed by Google Analytics in only 30-days. The best part?  All without spending ANY money on marketing, instead harnessing online macro-influencers and micro-influencers in a skilled way using them to promote for free while building their own name and following.

“I’ve done my best to spread the word about our brand ‘A.S.’ in as catching and cool a way as possible without spending a dollar on marketing,” commented the extremely enthusiastic Howard. “ The statistics don’t lie. My Zero Cost Influencer Marketing Strategy has Generated 250 million views from 1151 Posts on influencers’ Instagram accounts and our Instagram @americanstyle, with 74 influencers (creating videos with the LOGO), within 3 months (from December 2018 to February 2019) and the cost is USD 0 (Zero). On top of that, I’ve generated 10 Million Engagements with 453 Posts on micro-influencers and macro-influencers’ Instagram accounts and @americanstyle, with 19 Influencers (creating photos with the LOGO), within 3 months (from December 2018 to February 2019) and the cost was, again, nothing.  All free high-impact, huge influence clothing marketing for free. This shows the power of micro-influencers and macro-influencers.”

It’s very easy to see how many brands, businesses and entrepreneurs will want to see Howard’ Zero Cost Influence Marketing method and secrets, but for now, his lips are sealed.

In the months to come, this method will be used to promote and all eyes are waiting to see if the success can be replicated.  The smart educated guess, from those who know Howard, and have watched the method in action is a sound yes.

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Dress-AS is A social network & e-commerce platform that converts social contents of fashion influencers into shoppable tags. It is founded by the largest fashion community on Instagram – @americanstyle (>8 Million Followers).

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