NES-inspired action-adventure indie game with dungeons and bosses that change, launches on Kickstarter

June 27 05:51 2019
Ribbiting Saga is a SNES-inspired action-adventure game that assures fast-paced combat, awesome challenges, plus dungeons and bosses that change based on your path.

Great news for Super Nintendo game fans. An Atlanta-based indie gaming company, Happy Ogre, has recently launched its SNES-inspired action-adventure game on Kickstarter to enable you to relive your love for getting lost in another world once again. Titled “Ribbiting Saga,” this 2D Action Adventure game carries shades of iconic SNES numbers like Megaman X, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and so on.

The campaign is geared to raise around $50,000 by July 11, 2019. 

“Our goal here is to create an exciting adventure for the players that will sweep them to the nostalgic world of SNES-games which they love coming back to. We want to build a thrilling gaming environment that will enable them to earn the coveted title of ‘Hero’. Also, we are to make sure that the game offers players ample reasons to play on even after they think they have beaten it”, stated Charlie Gilchrist from Happy Ogre.

The protagonist of Ribbiting Saga is Andi, a young, scrappy frog knight. His best friend and lady love is a peppy adventurous princess named Lily. All is going well in Andy’s life until a mysterious Masked Figure appears and turns his world upside down. The menacing figure kidnaps Lily and casts a curse on the land which turns everybody alive into beasts. Not only that, but he also manipulates the Four Legendary Heroes, who could have protected the land with their ancient artifacts. The onus is on the player now (read Andi) to save these Four Heroes which will help him to gain the powers to take on the Masked Figure and bring peace and happiness to his land once again.

Players will have to combat four main dungeons in the game. Each one of these carries a special item which enables players to interact with puzzle elements. These dungeons even carry a hardcore boss who will reward players with a copy of his signature weapon. Interestingly, the player here has the liberty to explore the game map and the dungeons in whichever way he wishes to. Your chosen path through these dungeons changes every dungeon and boss you visit afterwards.

Unique features of the new game:

  • Non-linear design
  • No hand-holding
  • 100 percent non-random AI
  • Exciting bosses and dungeons
  • Responsive and prompt combat which lets the player utilize all his weapons
  • Memorable characters and quests
  • Lovely music that speaks of class and personality
  • Designed with speedrunning in mind
  • Amazing puns

“Ribbiting Saga is an adventure that changes based on how you play it and features challenging bosses that you want to save, not kill. We’re creating a game we’ve always wanted to play. Ribbiting Saga echoes the very spirit of adventure, but a project with so many variations demands a lot of time,  hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our dream game to life and send players on an adventure they want to relive again and again.

A host of cool rewards are waiting for the backers. These include fantastic frog pun, digital game manual and digital game key, original soundtrack, and many ways to directly impact the game’s design.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Happy Ogre
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States