Curate – When Fashion Meets Blockchain Technology

July 29 22:27 2019
Curate - When Fashion Meets Blockchain Technology

As the blockchain technology is gaining momentum in transforming industries across the globe, a culture to implement this technology in all walks of life is gradually taking shape. By far, the finance industry has been the most influenced by the potential of the technology. The fashion industry is one that was left unexplored by this disruptive technology, but of course, that wouldn’t have been the case for long. 

It is rather exciting to experience the moment when glamour meets tech. Blockchain has the potential to provide solutions for the flaws inherent in the fashion industry. For instance, it can help protect the intellectual property of brand owners or designers against infringement, counterfeits or tampered products. Blockchain provides a sense of authenticity for the products as they can be easily tracked and verified by consumers, retailers, and designers.

In today’s world where the internet provides convenience to masses and makes it easier to search for anything and everything, it also feels like a vast ocean which makes it all the more difficult for users while searching for unique content. Moreover, the product feedback on various platforms may be deceptive and manipulated, therefore the users cannot trust the genuineness of the products. Therefore, these flaws create an opportunity for blockchain to address the concerns and enhance transparency and security of such platforms in the fashion or retail industry.

Curate Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Curate is a platform based on blockchain technology and ERC-20 token smart contracts, which rewards users with digital tokens such as BTC, ETH, and its native utility token CUR8, in return for curating fashion styles. Essentially, it is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp). It provides a trustless platform to its users to provide their feedback on a curated collection of fashion styles that the community can trust. 

The crypto-asset based fashion platform offers users a unique collection of brands and designer wear that they can purchase, provide their feedback or upvote. In fact, it rewards the users with digital tokens for engaging and contributing to the platform. With the help of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, the platform eliminates fake reviews or defaming comments and allows only trustworthy reviews through the verification of user ID.

How Curate Works?

  • The first step involves signing up on the platform after which one can access the dashboard which is a DApp. 

  • Users can then create content to sell their brand items.

  • With the help of a unique remote frequency identification (RFID), users can scan the product they wish to purchase to confirm its authenticity and obtain information on the source of fabric. Therefore, it will not be possible for individuals to sell fake brands.

  • Buyers and other users can upvote or provide feedback on the products based on which both the buyer and the seller will receive rewards and the item with the majority of upvotes would trend.

  • Curate will charge a minimal transaction fee for all the transactions on the platform.

How Will Retailers, Brands and Customers Leverage the Platform?

  • Retailers and other designer brands can showcase their fashion items on the single discovery platform.

  • In exchange for curating styles, the curators can earn rewards in BTC, ETH or CUR8.

  • Retailers and small businesses can leverage the opportunity of increased brand awareness, conversions, and sales through access to 50,000 users on the platform.

  • The platform provides assurance of legal transactions and no chargebacks through KYC verified users.

  • Customers can easily find unique quality content and trust the genuineness of trending items. 

  • Customers have access to genuine products and are rewarded to upvote and provide reviews.

  • Users can track the source of the product including the history of the material and the nature of the fabric. 

The project is soon to launch its IEO on exchanges such as P2PB2B, WHitebit, Livecoin, CoinExchange and ExMarkets with its CUR8 token based on Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 wallet.

Join the Curate IEO on 9th of August at P2PB2B.


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