Innovations in Movement by Rize Studio is shaking up California

July 30 01:03 2019
“Rize Studio’s two most groundbreaking and effective styles of yoga and movement is making waves, especially for those living in the East Village of San Diego”

Taking its roots in the East Village area of San Diego, Rize Studio brings you two types of movement you may have never heard of, but you’ll definitely want to try. With its more modern approach to yoga and all things wellness, Rize Studio will be offering both Flight and Vibe(rate) classes, allowing its clients to explore their own sense of freedom both in mind and in movement.

The studio’s bohemian style theme and modern aesthetic create both a welcoming and relaxing environment for all who come to partake. Offering a variety of styles in movement, both in Vibe(rate) and in Flight, all of the instructors at Rize make it their priority to ensure that you, as a client, are set up for success – by teaching fun, intelligent, and inspiring classes, that are both engaging and restorative. Rize Studio is not only intrinsic to but an advocate of all things Flight™, the innovative and momentous wave that’s sweeping across the country, as we speak.

Over the past five years, the practice of Flight™, or aerial yoga, has evolved quite a bit from what you might’ve first considered it to be. Blending more traditional styles of yoga, like vinyasa and yin, Flight™ classes will leave you feeling light as a feather, with or without the use of the swing; it’s not all flips and tricks.

Vibe(rate) is more of an energetic solo journey, in which a whole-body vibration board is used, and each student is given a pair of “silent disco style” headphones. The headphones allow the instructor’s voice and music to be heard over the sound of vibration boards in which the student practices on, allowing them to go deeper and connect on a more personal level to the vibrations of their own energy and their own physical body awareness.  Rize Studio also offers beginner-friendly workshops for all those are new to Flight, or movement, giving you a more detailed, broken down the instruction of the practice itself and to answer any other questions you may have about the style or the use of this playful new prop.

All of the studio’s offerings will help you find a fun way of exploring a healthy life free of things that weight you down and the chance to experience the amazing world of free movement in a community-based studio that’ll support everything you do.

The owner of Rize Studio, Samantha Lee, had this to say, “We are dedicated to the practice of feeling good, whether the path is through building strength or relieving stress, energetic balancing, sound healing or guided meditation, and everything between.”

Check them out to enhance your wellbeing and your state of mind, as well as your physical self. You can find information on Vibe(rate) at, and Flight™ at to read up on all the details and benefits.    


Rize studio has come a long way from being radical innovators with their first studio in Seattle Wa, and they seem to be fully committed to continuing on building this journey that they started just five years ago. They believe in the power of the spirit within everyone that calls to be more, live more and love more. They encourage you to tap into your physical and mental strength to build confidence and live your life with passion and excitement. “Free Spirits Wanted” is their motto and they encourage all to let go of the daily stresses and be free.

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