Chengdu’s Most Beautiful Streets Gain Fans in Italy, Globetrotters Yearn to Trot Around Chengdu

July 30 03:18 2019


In recent days, Chengdu’s big streets and small alleys were launched into the limelight in Italy.

In the city of Naples in southern Italy, postcards of the most beautiful streets in Chengdu emerged as a sought-after memorabilia that locals vied for. The frenzy began with giant pandas “Cheng Ge” and “Du Mei’er,” who brought with them videos and postcards featuring the most beautiful streets of Chengdu, kicked off a most special tour in Italy during the span of the World University Games in Naples, and whipped up an international trend to go for “a stroll around Chengdu”.

Postcards and videos showcase glams of Chengdu streets to international audience (small title)

Speaking of Chengdu, the first images that come to the minds of the majority of foreign friends are likely the “giant panda” and “hot pot”. This time, “Cheng Ge” and “Du Mei’er” went to Italy, where the 30th World University Games was being held, brought with them sceneries of the most beautiful streets of Chengdu and showcased to the world a different side of the Hibiscus City. On the one side are futuristic and magnificent skyscrapers; on the other side are time-honored and tile-roofed courtyards. Each step along Shamao Street sandwiched between Taikoo Li and IFS is like a leap through a millennium of history. The love story of Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun on Qintai Road moves even the famously romantic Italians, but don’t miss out on the profundity of Sichuan opera and ancient tea houses. The happiness of Chengdu folks is thoroughly embodied in such small alleyways, where time seems to stand still among the tranquil and serene atmosphere. And these wonders, crystallized in videos and postcards of the most beautiful streets of Chengdu, have amazed international friends that have convened in Italy.

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