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Growing Number of Jews Are Seeking Help from Chevra Lomdei Mishnah After the Passing of their Loved Ones

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Growing Number of Jews Are Seeking Help from Chevra Lomdei Mishnah After the Passing of their Loved Ones

July 31
04:30 2019

The mission of all Jews is to amass as many merits during their lifetimes as possible to earn eternal bliss.  A sacred Jewish tradition is to study the Mishnah in the memory of a deceased family member or friend.  This allows the soul of the departed to earn more merits and provides comfort to the grieving individuals who lost their loved ones.

What is the Mishnah?

The Mishnah is a collection of religious texts that contains the oral traditions of Judaism. Previously passed down orally, the Mishnah contains all the oral teachings and was edited by Judah the Prince who was also known as Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi in the 3rd Century CE. The Mishnah contains 6 volumes and is considered to form the core of Jewish religious values.

How is Chevra Lomdei Mishna Helping Jews All Across the Globe?

One of the most common hurdles faced by family members who want to study Mishnah is how the scripts are written. The study of the Mishnah takes steadfast dedication and the knowledge of the text. It also requires deep concentration to complete the Mishnah before the time for any religious ceremony or a special event.

This proves to be a herculean task for most people with limited experience. Unable to finish, many Jews around the world seek help from a non-profit organization, Chevra Lomdei Mishna.

Chevra Lomdei Mishna offers a unique service to people who want to study a portion or all of the 6 volumes of the Mishah after the passing of their loved ones. The organization was founded with the sole purpose of making the merit Mishnah study accessible to all. This is ideal for people who have limited knowledge of the text or the time to complete Shishah Sidrei Mishnah but want to do offer merit to their recently departed loved ones.

Chevra Lomdei Mishna not only helps family members earn merits for the departed, but it also helps support Torah scholars who perform the Mishnah study with utmost dedication.

Chevra Lomdei Mishna Even Helps People Who Are Not Religious

There are many Jews who are not religious themselves, but they respect the religious beliefs of their departed family members or friends. Chevra Lomdei Mishnah allows them to avail the merit of Mishnah studies for their loved ones and to honor their souls.

At Chevra Lomdei Mishna, the Mishnah study is done by selected Torah scholars who have a deep understanding of the text. All of these scholars have lovingly dedicated their entire lives towards the study of the Torah. Patrons can find peace in the fact that the study of the Mishnah is done by people who are truly dedicated and in love with their work.

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah comes in the aid of thousands of Jews living in Israel, Canada, the US, and other parts of the world. People who have genuine feelings about earning merits for their departed loved ones but lack the time and the knowledge to take on the tremendous challenge of completing the Six Orders of the Mishnah.

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