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Capitual: Bringing Fiat And Cryptocurrencies Together To Reinvent Money

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Capitual: Bringing Fiat And Cryptocurrencies Together To Reinvent Money

August 30
02:45 2019

With the launch of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology came endless opportunities to reinvent how we think of money. One of the ways money has changed is the way money is moved across the globe. Capitual is one of the few companies that has taken up this challenge and is working to ensure money and technology work hand in hand to ensure seamless transactions.

Capitual is a crypto-startup company that aims to deliver instant exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies. By doing so, the company has ensured that users can easily transact either fiat or cryptocurrencies. Its users can further move currencies across borders both seamlessly and fast through cryptocurrencies. This holds the key to mass adoption for cryptocurrencies.

How To Use And Benefits Of Capitual

The simplicity of using Capitual is the very first benefit of Capitual. The project allows you to register with only an email. This gives you access to your dashboard from where you can deposit, transact, exchange or withdraw cryptocurrencies and fiat.

The platform, by supporting many currencies, also guarantees security. Users can hold multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat making their assets diversified and more secure.

And what does all this cost? It is absolutely free.

Capitual is working hard to bring this service to the masses, that it is not charging you a cent. Creating an account, which only requires an email and takes seconds to do, is free.There is also no transactional fee at the moment.Whether your working with the Dollar to Euro, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, there is a new way to hold, transact, and access your money.

The platform is additionally not just for individuals. Businesses can also have an account and can receive funds, in whatever currency, for products and services.

Recent Progress

With the platform already working, the team is already looking into growing the ecosystem to meet changing customer needs and make transactions even better.One of the upcoming development is the launch of the CapCard. The CapCard will allow users to carry their entire portfolio in their pockets. This will allow users to spend their money in any store and in any country in the world.

The team is further working to provide POS machines. This will be applicable to stores that wish to accept crypto-currencies on their physical stores.

Introducing Cappay

No longer does a business have to be paid in either fiat or cryptocurrencies. Businesses can now successfully accept fiat or cryptocurrencies. They can further exchange one for the other or across different fiat and cryptocurrencies. By having a single wallet for all this, it also becomes easier to transact with other businesses, for example, buying inventory.

E-commerce businesses are not left out as CapPay offers plugins for several platforms and a public and well-documented API. This allows the online store to enjoy the full benefits of CapPay just like in any physical store.

With CapPay, businesses get to give customers more freedom without compromise. It is simply a new revolution that sees businesses embrace technology.


There are no more excuses why certain transactions need to be tiresome, expensive and inefficient for individuals. For businesses, there is no excuse for not accepting cryptocurrencies. Capitual, Your money, Reinvented.

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