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Creative Biolabs Launches the Advanced PreciAb™ Platform to Sustain Antibody Design

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Creative Biolabs Launches the Advanced PreciAb™ Platform to Sustain Antibody Design

September 06
19:00 2019
Creative Biolabs has developed a comprehensive computer-aided antibody design and manufacturing platform called PreciAb™ to support global customers’ projects regarding antibody development.

September 6, 2019 – New York, US – The progress in medical area can never be separated from the advancement of computer science and technology. There is no exception to the world of life science. Creative Biolabs, together with a group of professors, takes advantage of the abreast of the art computational technologies to build up an in silico antibody design & manufacturing platform—PreciAb™, which is equipped with algorithms and has conspicuous advantage over the traditional ones.

As a professional one-stop solutions provider in this area, a full set of antibody relevant services are provided by Creative Biolabs, which are sustained by the PreciAb™ platform, intending to solve every possible problem encountered by customers throughout the world, consisting Epitope-specific Antibody Design, Structure-based Antibody Reformatting, Antibody Developability Prediction, and High-throughput Antibody Screening and Design.

“Professional, accurate and omni-drectional are three adjectives of our services,” said by the head of Creative Biolabs, who is a professor of biotechnology. The notion of “one-stop antibody custom service” can definitely solve most of the problems encountered by the clients in industry that only part of a project instead of the whole can be conducted by some CROs because of a lack of techniques or supporting team. The service portfolio covers mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production utilizing hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production, all of which are completed with the help of a full set of technological platforms like Magic™ and PreciAb™.

The full set of antibody production work-flow follows systematic procedures.

  1. Constructing antibody structure by various modeling methods like homology modeling, de novo modeling
  2. Optimizing structure by dynamics simulation, rotamer library, loop modeling, etc.
  3. Identifying Complementarity-determining region (CDR)
  4. Analyzing antibody-antigen complex modeling and interaction
  5. Analyzing essential residues of paratope and epitope identification
  6. Conducting computer-aided antibody affinity maturation and modifying function
  7. Analyzing and optimizing antibody biophysical properties (thermodynamic stability, aggregation propensity, immunogenicity) on a global view

The ultimate goal of Creative Biolabs is to accelerate antibody engineering process, no matter in the field of medical research or in the medicine manufacturing, cost-effectively. If more information about Creative Biolabs’s antibody production services and the computer-aided platform PreciAb™ required, please visit

About the Enterprise

Creative Biolabs was established by group of scientists who are dedicated to the conquering of cancer, intending to build up a custom-service-centered business model that is crucial for optimizing the drug development process, leveraging accessible resources, and forming a team of various background to conduct drug discovery in future. Providing services range from antibody production, antibody humanization and affinity maturation, to bulk scale antibody manufacturing, including bacterial production of scFv, diabody, tandem scFv, miniantibody and Fab, and mammalian cell expression of minibody, chimeric IgG and IgG.

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