“Zhuojian Wealth Creating Space”, Harvest The Future By Culture And Technology

October 10 16:57 2019

In Yunnan, a miraculous plain comes into view after tramping over the towering snowy mountains and dense forest, crossing the “Home of Yunnan golden monkey” and “Hometown of Reba dance” in the Shangri-La’s hinterland along the rivers, which is called Pantiange Village, the production place of “Old Black Rice” and the world’s highest rice paddies.

During China’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations, the annual “Harvest the future·Pantiange Black Rice Tourism and Culture Festival 2019” was grandly opened in Pantiange.

The “Harvest the future·Pantiange Black Rice Tourism and Culture Festival 2019” is hosted by the People’s Government of Weixi Lisu Autonomous County, the People’s Government of Pantiange Weixi Lisu Autonomous County, Guangdong Zhuojian Culture Development Company, Shangri-La Yongchang Agricultural Technology Service Company, and co-hosted by Jinxiu Qilin Media Company, The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, Guangzhou Qisheng Information Technology Company. This festival has also enjoyed strategical support from EJAM GROUP, Guangzhou Blue Creative Consultant Company, Shanghai Dongzhu Culture Development Company, Guangzhou Changcheng Software Company, Shanghai 21 Culture Promotion Company, and Co-organised support from Lijiang Shengshi Fengnian Culture Event Company and great support from Yi Resources Social Work Service Center.

The “Harvest the future·Pantiange Black Rice Tourism and Culture Festival 2019” is different from the ones held in the past two years. This is not just a traditional celebration of cultural tourism, but also a cultural and spiritual feast pondering the past and the future of Pantiange.

In addition to the popular folk song and dance performances, the highlights of this festival are the 21-minute speeches and dialogues of the experts and scholars in the fields of culture, media and science and technology hosted by the Zhuojian Culture founder and general planner, Mr. Tian Yanyou. Under the theme of “Harvest the future”, they provide in-depth exploration of Pantiange’s civilization and future imagination by means of specialised Zhuojian interpretation, in order to look for directions for the development of Pantiange, and meanwhile link the local culture to productivity and resources through space constructing and sharing, public welfare poverty alleviation, technology empowerment and business to help Pantiange out of dilemma and embrace the better future.

Senior media expert Yang Jinlin and the Oscar-winning documentary director Malcolm Clarke attended the festival as keynote speakers. The president of Guangzhou Changcheng Software Company, Wu Jie, Independent film director, Gao Tunzi, Senior German Chinese cultural scholar, Jin Tao, President of EJAM GROUP, Huang Yongxuan, President of Guangzhou Blue Creative Consultant Company, Liu Jun, Film Producer, Han Yi, Cultural Consultant of Shanghai 21 Culture promotion Company, Li Xin also attended and had wonderful conversations with the guest host Mr. Tian Yanyou.

As the first guest speaker, Yang Jinlin delivered a speech entitled “Working in the Clouds and Harvesting the Future”. He says “Pantiange is a stage in the clouds that could get itself out of poverty”. “To climb the sky in Pantiange, you need to be down-to-earth, one step at a time, so as to pursue a happy life that is not mass-produced.”

Malcolm Clarke stated in the speech that, “The countryside of China, for me as a foreigner, is the beating heart of China. It is the source of the legends, the culture, the stories, the artistry and so many inventions. The countryside needs to be preserved and rejuvenated because China cannot just be a technological power, it has to be a holistic power which values a bowl of rice as much as it values a computer or any kind of technological advance. China needs both things. So I think it is time now for the cities and for the technology which has been developed in those cities to look at their root, to look at where they came from and use that technology and use that sense of ability to re-explore the countryside and give it a new lease on life.”

In the “media fission” theme dialogue, Huang Yongxuan proposed that Pantiange should learn to use the new media communication to spread its reputation, then improve the supply chain in a down-to-earth manner, let the supply chain to promote the development.

In the “film achievement” section, Han Yi said that a film can bring huge changes to the country. If Pantiange has good recordable subjects, her team will be very glad to shoot a documentary film about Pantiange.

In the topic of “Technology Subversion”, Wu Jie, the President of Changcheng Software Company, pioneered the proposal that the biggest problem in the rural areas such as Pantiange is the restriction of natural environment. If we use the technology of virtual reality to build a virtual factory in the countryside, we can put the labor force in the village into large cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai by having them wear special equipment, so that the labor in remote areas can also be incorporated into the modern business society and create wealth.

In the dialogue on the theme of “cultural penetrability”, Gao Tunzi said that the combination and the harmonious way of life of multiple ethnic groups in Pantiange is a huge tourism resource. He hoped that the old and essential things in the tangible houses and costumes and intangible culture could be unearthed when the tourism development is carried out in the future. At the same time, he also mentioned that we must avoid hurting the culture in the process of tourism development.

Li Xin pointed out that the development of the city needs to maintain its own characteristics. The local culture is the most attractive factor for outsiders. The need for the development of the Pantiange should be a niche and outstanding non-production culture.

In the “city symbiosis” dialogue, Jin Tao advocated that poverty alleviation is to “teach people to fish rather than give people fish”. He believes that Pantiange should develop the brand value of products such as “Old Black Rice” and pine mushroom, meanwhile develop the processing industry increasing the added value of agricultural and sideline products, and indirectly solve the problem of local labor employment.

Liu Jun made a subversive suggestion that the traffic inconvenience of Pantiange can be turned into its advantage. In the current environment of urban residents’ general emotional anxiety, Pantiange could be built into a worry-free tourist destination that only has clean water, land, air and food, becoming a healing and worry-free place for urban people.

On the day, “Zhuojian·Wealth Creating Space” as the first space in China that is built with the goal of precision poverty alleviation, was officially unveiled at the Festival. Zhuojian founder Tian Yanyou said in his speech, “We are going to build a wealth-creating space that is closely related to everyone in Pantiange. Let more people who care about the future of Pantiange realise their dreams here and create a more beautiful reality than their dreams.”

After the official opening of the wealth-creating space, the first batch of special advisory certificates were issued to the experts and scholars in the fields of city, media and science and technology, including Malcolm Clarke, Wu Jie, Gao Tunzi, Jin Tao, Huang Yongxuan, Liu Jun and the General Manager of Shanghai 21 Culture Promotion Company, Fei Zhe.

Moreover, The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House donated 1,000 books to support the construction of “Zhuojian·Wealth Creating Space”.

On the evening of the celebration, The Director Malcolm Clarke also showed his latest documentary film “Better Angels”, echoing “The One Film Festival”, which brought Pantiange an unprecedented cultural exchange.

Before the film began, Malcolm Clarke said “Pantiange could be the subject of a wonderful film. And what would be great to see is a film about Pantiange which could draw people from all over China and from all over the world. There is nothing better than a movie to publicize a place and I think there is nothing better than to make a movie about Pantiange that could draw people form all over the world.”

Zhuojian founder Tian Yanyou said that “Working in the Clouds and Harvesting the Future” is my dream. From now to the infinite future, we will use our creativity and thoughts to achieve all seemingly unattainable dreams, making the impossible possible. “The energy of Pantiange exceeds its imagination.”

Through the organisation of The Black Rice Tourism and Culture Festival and the establishment of “Zhuojian·Wealth Creating Space”, more powerful and influential cultural and technological forces will be poured into Pantiange in the future to further promote Pantiange’s development of tourism and cultural industries, help Pantiange fight against poverty and build a well-off society, creating a better future.

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