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What Customers Need to Know About Consumer Data and How It’s Used According to

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What Customers Need to Know About Consumer Data and How It’s Used According to

February 25
03:15 2020
What Customers Need to Know About Consumer Data and How It\'s Used According to

Consumers follow established guidelines for keeping their data safe. When making purchases online, for consumers to enter financial details in secured socket layers and encrypted web forms. It is also important for consumers to read the fine print when accepting cookies and opting in for some services. Reviewing details about how customer data is collected and used helps consumers keep their information safer. 

Opting Out of Email Marketing Services

Opting out of email marketing services prevents the company from sending any email marketing materials to the customer. When customers sign up for a user account, the customers have the option to opt-out of receiving any offers. When visiting commercial websites, customers have the same option. A dialog box loads asking for the customer’s email address. If the customer doesn’t want to share their information, the customer bypasses the dialog box and continues shopping. If the customer doesn’t want to sign up for a user account, the customers have the option to make purchases as a guest. According to, these steps prevent customers from receiving email marketing materials in their email. Companies such as Epsilon can explain how data is shared and answer customer questions. 

What Type of Data is Collected from Consumers?

Data collected from consumers include details that the individual stored in their user account. A retailer collects contact and personal details from the customer when the customer makes a purchase. The customer’s financial data is saved in their user account if the customer prefers. However, the financial information is transferred to the company’s database and secured with proper encryption and security practices. The companies collect details about the customer’s shopping habits and use the information to create email marketing to sell new products to the customer if the customer opted in for the marketing materials. Consumers should learn more about Consumer Data Privacy, Preferences and Permission: A Time of Reckoning.

What Customer Information is Never Shared?

Consumers must know what data is never shared. First, no company has the legal right to share the customer’s financial details or any personal data beyond their name and contact information. Companies won’t share the customer’s Social Security number, driver’s license number, or their date of birth. If the customer didn’t agree to share with third parties, the company cannot lawfully disclose any of the customer’s data to anyone. For consumers who need more information about lawful sharing, here are the findings for further review

Can Consumers Obtain Their Data Collected by Marketers?

Yes, the customers have the right to send a written request to the marketers who shared the customer’s data. The marketers are required to provide the consumer with a report of all of their personal data shared with third parties and what information was included. 

Consumers opt-out of email marketing to avoid unwanted emails. Signing in as a guest on shopping websites prevents the collection of their data. If a customer’s data is shared, the consumer has the right to contact the company that shared their information and collects details about what information was shared. 

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