Intuitive Healing for a World in Need

August 10 16:39 2020
Intuitive Healing for a World in Need

Bobbi Vogel, clairvoyant healer, medical intuitive and founder of Etheric Medicine
Medical Intuitive Taps into the Quantum Field for Curative Powers

August 10, 2020 – In the midst of the pandemic, many people are seeking alternatives to traditional medicine and Bobbi Vogel is emerging as a leader in the healing field. She is the founder of Etheric Medicine, a healing modality using light, energy and clairvoyance to clear emotional and energetic blocks that are the root of physical illness.

Quantum physicists have stated that a transpersonal mind underlies the material world and light is the building block of reality. Etheric Medicine uses the energetic matrix that precedes the formation of our physical bodies and remains with us, connected to our flesh and blood. 

“Healing is in the medicine you cannot see,” explains Vogel. “We are light bodies and we need light like we need oxygen. When dense or stagnant energy accumulates in our Etheric body, it replicates itself into the physical body above it as illness or disease. Remove the stagnant energy in the Etheric body and you’ll see a response in the physical body. Our Etheric bodies must be well in order for our physical bodies to thrive.”

She continues, “Healing begins with faith, a clear knowing that you are divinely guided 100% of the time. Faith is not religion, it’s a way of living your life. I’m rollin’ deep with my peeps and God and it doesn’t get more powerful than that! I am in service to God, doing God’s work and this is my life’s purpose.”

Bobbi Vogel is a clairvoyant healer, medical intuitive and executive coach who is guided by Spirit to work with clients in various ways, according to their particular energy needs at that moment. As the founder of Etheric Medicine, she works both in-person at her clinic in Orange County, California and over Zoom. Her work ranges from helping burnt out CEO’s find renewed purpose and energy to giving healing sessions to cancer patients and everything in between. Bobbi has been featured on the Montel Williams Show and Maria Menounos’ podcast.

Find out more at and follow Bobbi on Instagram @ethericbobbi 

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