One Platform for all US Local News Launched by LiveNewsGlobe

August 10 15:08 2020
One Platform for all US Local News Launched by LiveNewsGlobe

Be the first to know about the current situation of your city, every headline, breaking news, instant weather condition, traffic updates, and any other news that you wanted to hear with  Find all US local news channels on a single and up to date streaming platform of

It is an online platform for watching free-to-air news channels in the US. They have all free to air News channels of almost all states of the United States. Almost every part of the website is either acquired through GNU or open-to-public (news & information) policy. Content and channel information is taken from the official website of the news channel and social media handles.

The website hosts local news channels from major cities of the USA. Most community news channels are affiliated with ABC, NBC, and Fox Media Groups. They are frequently checking stream links and making them live again in case of broken. Apart from this, they are constantly adding new stations every day so the viewers from every city can get more and more information about their cities. Live local news platform is more helpful for this purpose and provide services in multiple cities.

Their premise is simple. Local news channels are important. Despite the splintering and shrinking audience, local news is still how most Americans get their news. It reaches the masses providing a real opportunity to inform citizens about the current situation of their city. And live news Globe provides an opportunity for all viewers to know about the current situation of their city through a single platform. This platform also represents the value of the local news channels.

Quality is also important. Local news deserves its reputation for sensational, over-the-top coverage that isn’t relevant. Local news matters. Local sports matters. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can find out what’s going on in Washington but rarely can find a platform where you can find out about different cities or different news local news channel. Live news globe is a platform where you can find different local news channels of almost every state of America.

The service is free and there is no paid content. Parts of the website may show ads to maintain the service subscription free. You can rarely find that kind of platform which is user friendly and can easily be approached through any medium or device. It’s watching compatibility with 99% of devices. They understand the value of technology and made this platform easy to work with any device even mobile users can easily use this platform on their devices.

According to research, there are multiple benefits of using an online platform like live news globe for news:

  • no costs
  • multitasking
  • more news choices
  • in-depth and background information
  • 24/7 updates
  • customization
  • ability to know about different cities
  • the existence of different viewpoints
  • It is completely free, unlike buying newspapers which can cost.

Unlike when watching the news on TV, or when listening to it on the radio, LiveNewsGlobe allow the user to choose which articles they hear, watch, or read. This is useful because people don’t waste their time on articles that don’t interest them. They only get what does interest them. News articles from around the US can all be accessed from one place. There is no need to switch between multiple websites to get news from different cities. There is no limit to how many articles you can read or which channel you want to stream. Like with newspapers, people can only read the articles contained within the newspaper.

It has the ability to make articles more interactive. They are adding more news channels to increase the area of coverage within the US. They are trying to serve more people living in different cities of America. You will find this platform more beneficial and more comfortable to use to know about your city.

This is also an opportunity for all local news channels to join them and work more successfully through this platform. It is more economical compared to all other methods of news distribution.

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