Keep all Details together for the Next Photo or Video Shoot with My Callsheet

September 30 07:57 2020

As a photographer, model, hairstylist, makeup artist, assistant, you are used to getting countless emails with call sheets, updates, travel details, and changes. There is no real way to organize yourself, except by flagging your emails and maybe taking screenshots of the most crucial information – but after a while, you end up with so many tags and screenshots that you are back where you started. Don’t lose hope – My Callsheet to the rescue!

No more scouring through hundreds of emails or messages to find the specific information you need at a given moment for that one production. 

A Czech-based, creative tech company, My Callsheet, has recently launched a cutting-edge project management software, designed to organize all production details in one app. The app will allow you to create your call sheets, to keep everything neatly organized in one place. 

“You get a host of emails, texts, or messages related to your projects every day. It’s a challenge to keep track of every bit of new data that reaches your inbox, and it leads to a daunting search through emails/messages every time you need a piece of information. This is where My Callsheet comes to your rescue. You can create one call sheet per job and upload all the details related to that job. A mood board, flight ticket, even a call sheet from the production company – everything can be uploaded to that one place – so that when you search for any of it, you know exactly where to find it”, stated Veronika, the founder, and CEO of My Callsheet.

My Callsheet software can be accessed from a computer, tablet, and phone. The app has even been incorporated into iOS, considering the increasing trend of app browsing, especially among millennial professionals. 

“We initially thought the mobile app should remain basic, as producers would create a call sheet on a browser, and team members would view them on the mobile app. But later on, we realized a lot of the users would love to create their call sheet and keep their details together, in case the production company was not using My Callsheet. Therefore, we need to upgrade our app with those desired features. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to upgrade our app and give everyone from the team members a chance to keep their details neatly organized”.

The software already exists and the mobile app as well – unfortunately, you, as a crew member, have to rely on the producers to create a call sheet for you, as the mobile app can only read the interactive call sheets, for now. 

If you back our Kickstarter campaign and we get the funds we need to upgrade the mobile app, you will be able to create your own call sheet within the app, upload all the details and documents, and have a much more relaxed trip to your job and the job itself. And, what do we mean by “interactive” call sheet?

My Callsheet App has integrated Apple and Google Maps to guide you to the shooting location or your hotel. Moreover, the software helps you to check-in for your flight in a matter of just a moment.  

You will be able to upload and share receipts for faster reimbursement. 

“Sometimes, it’s too much of a lengthy process to send receipts for reimbursements. You might end up with receipt pictures too big for your email, and that will only add stress. But, things are way easier with My Callsheet. Here you need to attach pictures of your receipts to the right call sheet, share them with one link, and you will get your money back for sure.”

The attached documents and files are so easy to view and work with.

In sum, this Kickstarter campaign is about moving the app to the next level, allowing you to finally have everything organized the way you want it and need it, letting you create or update your call sheet from the app.

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on subscription to the mobile app. Choose one of the two highest perks and get lifetime access to the My Callsheet web application too. Through the My Callsheet website application, you will create those ideal interactive call sheets for any upcoming production for any team you work with. You will get lifetime access for you or your company, and with the highest perk, you get lifetime access 1+1, which means you can split the costs with another producer or production company! 

This is the only chance to get lifetime access to the mobile app and the website application and to support our campaign.

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