First-Ever Full-Feature Podcast Alarm Clock Released on the Apple App Store Worldwide

October 02 18:24 2020

The first-ever full-featured podcast alarm clock is now available through the Apple App Store worldwide. Next Up offers its users a way to wake up to whichever podcast they choose. Whether it’s news, comedy, trivia, sports, or motivational affirmations, Apple users can now start their day off the way they want with Next Up – A Podcast Alarm.

Next Up creator, Landon Mitchell, came up with the app after he was looking for a way to wake up to his favorite podcast, but was surprised to learn he couldn’t find anything that met his needs. So he set out to make the app himself. Next Up has since been featured in the Apple App Store under ‘Apps We Love Right Now’ and ‘Podcast Paradise’.

The app was also rated as a top 10 app for March of 2020 on and featured on

“A little while back, I decided that I wanted to wake up to something less abrasive than alarm sounds and more engaging than music. I considered the radio, but didn’t want to be stuck with one station or show,” Landon Mitchell said. “So I scoured the web and the App Store looking for a way to wake up to a podcast. I wasn’t satisfied with what I found, so I made it myself. Now I’m hoping others will find it useful as well.”

Next Up features a full podcast alarm clock for iOS. The app automatically syncs with the podcasts managed in the native Apple Podcasts app and uses the Apple Music playback controls. Users can set the alarm volume, pick the snooze duration, choose playback order, and even skip past early ads or long intros when the podcasts starts.

Next Up users can wake up to any of the more than 750,000 shows on the Apple Podcast platform. Whether they want to experience an early morning comedy show, wake up to meditation, or start the day with the latest episode of their favorite murder mystery, Next Up provides its users with the chance to customize their morning routine by starting their day with a podcast.

For more information, you can visit the Apple App Store and search ‘Next Up’ or visit

About Next Up – A Podcast Alarm

Next Up is a podcast alarm clock available through the Apple App Store. New users can now wake up to five free podcasts alarms before choosing a subscription through the app. There are no risks, commitments, or catches. Once the free trial has ended, users can subscribe for unlimited alarms for as low as $1 per month or $10 per year.

Whatever your interest, start your day with your favorite podcast with Next UpA Podcast Alarm.

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