LLC announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign, TGF Tires Recycling.

October 06 20:22 2020
TGF TIRES RECYCLING, LLC will launch their crowdfunding campaign – Development of a tires and rubber waste recycling plant in Bavaria / Germany. TGF TIRES RECYCLING, LLC is the specialist for thermolysis, pyrolysis and depolymerization for the recycling of raw materials from used tires, rubberized excavator chains, conveyor belts and many other hydrocarbons.


The primary objectives of our TGF organization are to:

1) To form a waste tire recycling company in partnership with Sirius Eco-Tec GmbH.

2) To develop a business centered around sound business practice.

3) To ensure that recycling is sustainable in the area of Bruck in Oberpfalz / Germany.

4) To minimize landfilling.

5) To create jobs.

6) To investigate options for processing and value adding to recycled products.


Here is our TGF vision statement: Our vision is to create a standard and world class tires and rubber waste recycle plant whose products and brand will not only be accepted in Bruck in Oberpfalz, but also in other cities in Germany.

Financial Overview:

Below is the financial overview showing the profitability of the business as the sales increases with little change in the cost. The profit is seen to increase with sales.

Financial Overview







Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Total Revenue

 $   2,025,000

 $   2,065,500

 $   2,106,810

 $   2,148,946

 $   2,191,925

Total Expenses

 $       960,025

 $       979,226

 $       998,809

 $   1,018,786

 $   1,039,162

Net Profit

 $       555,731

 $       566,845

 $       578,183

 $       589,747

 $       601,541


Project is expected to be completed within 24 months – Construction period approx… 2 years.

Total Projected Cost:

Total estimated costs are expected to be approximately: US$6,500,000 US Dollar.

TGF Group is committed to obtaining and providing the monies necessary to institute and complete this project in a timely manner.

For more information about TGF TIRES RECYCLING, LLC crowdfunding campaign:

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