Won two awards – Xiamen Public Opinion Excellent Evaluation Index won two first places

October 22 20:54 2020

On October 22, the “Analysis Report on the Image Communication Effect of China’s Sub-provincial Cities” was released. The report uses the statistical period from January 1 to October 10, 2020, and captures 291.3 million pieces of data from platforms such as Weibo, online news, websites, government affairs, foreign media, blogs, etc., combined with official statistics, and uses online information. Based on the big data of new media such as, reputation, search index, etc., in-depth study of the communication effect of the city image. In-depth analysis of the communication influence of 15 sub-provincial cities from five aspects: business environment, investment promotion, tourism economy, import and export trade, and talent introduction. So as to better judge the role and influence of city image communication on the above five aspects of actual work.

Business Environment Public Opinion Evaluation Index Ranked No. 1

In recent years, Xiamen has attached great importance to the construction of a business environment, targeting advanced economies such as Singapore and leading domestic cities. Xiamen has put forward a list of reform goals and tasks year by year, took the lead in implementing a single international trade window, and strived to create a world-class business environment. These related works have also attracted media reports and attention from all walks of life, keeping Xiamen’s business environment awareness and public opinion rating index at a high level. 

During the statistical period, the analysis of the new media big data of Xiamen’s business environment found that the amount of information affecting the business environment in Xiamen has increased significantly. In the second quarter and third quarter of this year, the increase was 4.7% and 57.8%, respectively. The public opinion rating index has been at a relatively high level, fluctuating between 97% and 99%.

The investment promotion public opinion evaluation index ranks among the top three sub-provincial cities

As a special economic zone and port city with a highly developed export-oriented economy, Xiamen has set off an upsurge of “big investment” since 2019. Investment promotion and project implementation are key tasks in Xiamen. The work of attracting investment has attracted widespread attention from major media platforms across the network. From January to September 2020, the central media reported on Xiamen’s news reports that focused on investment promotion accounted for nearly 60%. The involvement of major media platforms has greatly increased the public opinion rating index of Xiamen’s investment promotion. The “precise” and “innovative” work carried out has made Xiamen’s investment attraction influence and city image have a significant positive effect.

During the Xiamen Trade and Investment Fair in 2020, Xiamen City will carry out innovation promotion and promotion and hold a press conference on investment promotion. Cooperate with live broadcast, use domestic and foreign new media matrix to publish in real time, and the number of online viewers exceeds one million. In two days, 3,843 articles were originally published and reprinted at the press conference, which reached 50 million views, and achieved good communication effects. During the Xiamen Trade and Investment Fair, more than 2,300 projects reached cooperation agreements, with a total investment of over 800 billion yuan.

The tourism economy public opinion praise index is 97.5%, ranking first in the list.

From January to September 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, the good momentum of Xiamen’s tourism economy’s strong recovery has attracted the attention of various media platforms. Xiamen has successively introduced a series of measures to prevent and control the epidemic and resume work and production. The city has vigorously promoted the recovery of the tourism economy. Key domestic and foreign media reported on Xiamen intensively, sharing Xiamen’s advanced practices in promoting the “holiday tourism market”. The whole network of major news, commercial websites and social platforms participated in the dissemination, which greatly improved the excellent evaluation index of Xiamen’s tourism economy.

The tourism economy public opinion evaluation index, which is based on the sentiment analysis of massive new media and big data, can reflect the degree of reputation preference in the city’s tourism image, tourist satisfaction, and tourism culture promotion. In the statistical period, Xiamen’s tourism economy public opinion evaluation index reached 97.5%, ranking first among the 15 sub-provincial cities in the list.

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