Return to Normal With Innovation Like Crowdtrace

November 11 16:09 2020
Technologies to prevent and reduce the risk of COVID outbreaks in businesses, schools and organizations

Eight months into quarantine, the US is still struggling to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and businesses are suffering. A blatant lack of technology and resources makes returning to normal difficult. As schools and businesses continue to grapple with the decision to reopen, many organizations are beginning to take this problem into their own hands.

To meet this concern, firms are turning towards technology for help. Rather than relying on manual, inaccurate methods, the use of mobile apps and platforms can expedite the contact tracing process, as shown by a study in Science Magazine. is one company that is offering a digital solution for organizations looking to protect their employees and prevent the spread of the virus. Similar to New Zealand’s successful virus response, Crowdtrace supports QR location scans and Bluetooth functionality to record who an employee has been in contact with. Instead of waiting for manual follow-ups, the moment someone tests positive, Crowdtrace’s algorithm automatically figures out who else may have been exposed and notifies them appropriately, dramatically reducing the risk of an outbreak.

However, what happens before the first case is arguably more important. Preemptive symptom monitoring helps combat the testing backlog in the current system, and Crowdtrace’s crowd control features provide occupancy data for any given room in real time, minimizing contact in high-density locations. These new technologies are comprehensive in their approach, comply with new legal regulations, and are much-needed solutions in the struggle to handle COVID-19 for businesses, schools, and the like.

The pandemic will undoubtedly continue to present challenges, but companies like Crowdtrace are making it possible for businesses, organizations, and schools to resume in-person operations, without sacrificing safety. Only with innovation will it be possible to safely reopen the economy and effectively combat the spread of COVID-19.

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