Inquireaboutme: A Groundbreaking App and Online Social Media Platform That Allows Individuals to Provide, Share, and View Video References as a Form of Review

December 01 13:24 2020

inquireaboutme (, is a free way to share professional and personal references, by allowing people to speak on one’s behalf as a form of review. inquireaboutme allows to see the face of the person making the reference, and actually see and hear what others say about a person, business, university, or organization.

For those applying for a job, college, membership, or highlighting personal, business, university, or organization achievements; inquireaboutme does the talking with videos, pictures, and blogs.

Our innovation of creating a platform that allows people to see and hear the person providing a reference is revolutionary in comparison to listing references on an application,” says inquireaboutme, inc. CEO/Founder, Thomas Massey. “For users that speak on the behalf of Employers, Universities, and Organizations, it’s more believable than that of a standard blog, where people can’t identify whether the person is real or not, and offers more assurance.”

inquireaboutme is the ideal method to assist potential employers, universities, and organizations with gaining a better understanding of a person’s skill set, credentials, and past achievements. It also allows those who want to know more about a business, university, or organization to see and hear what others say before finalizing a decision.

The soft launch for inquireaboutme occurred September 3, 2019. “It’s been a long time coming for the release of the app. There was a need for patience, as we wanted to create a different user experience than that of, by adding additional features. One particular feature added, is allowing users to share ‘Live Stream Accolade’ videos. We believe this will be a welcomed [and unique] asset, where users will look forward to receiving live stream videos of their monumental and achievement moments from other users, that they can pick and choose from to post and highlight on their page and newsfeed,” says CEO/Founder, Thomas Massey.

inquireaboutme is the perfect tool to allow employees, students and athletic prospects to share video references, blogs, accolades, awards and photos with potential employees, universities or professional organizations, all on one platform.

For those who wished an employer contacted their references before making a hiring decision? Inquireaboutme allows ‘Employee Prospects’ to do that via pre-loaded video references, viewed by hiring managers before final decisions are made. Video references may be that from former or current colleagues, managers, or from personal friends. The same concept applies to our ‘Student Prospect’ and ‘Sport Athlete’ user base, where video references are from teachers, counselors, principals, coaches, trainers, teammates, peers, etc.

When a person researches a place of business, university, or organization; it’s common that the information to assist with making a decision is a form of blog. How can one know if the person providing information of their experience is real? inquireaboutme allows those who want to learn more about a employer/business, university, or organization, to see and hear people providing information in the form of a video reference or blog, to assist with making a more sound decision. This is what makes inquireaboutme a two-way market, where both sides benefit from hearing what others say, prior to making a decision.

“The objective with inquireaboutme, is to provide a platform to submit authentic references to assist with legitimizing the reference verification process”, says CEO/Founder Thomas Massey. “inquireaboutme allows those that require references, to also view the credentials of the person providing the reference. Ever wonder what your references said about you? Wonder if your references were contacted? At inquireaboutme, we eliminate the need to call a former supervisor for a letter of recommendation, or ask a fellow colleague if you can list them as a reference on multiple occasions.”

Account Options (inquireaboutme provides six account options, which are listed below):

Employee Prospect – This option is for individuals seeking a job and/or to highlight career achievements using video references, accolade videos/pictures, and blogs.

Student Prospect – This option is tailored for individuals seeking enrollment into a university or college; and/or to highlight scholastic achievements using video references, accolade videos/pictures, and blogs.

Sport (Athlete) – This option is designed for athletes seeking enrollment into a university, college, or professional ranks; and/or to highlight athletic achievements and highlights using video references, accolade videos/pictures, and blogs.

Employer – This option is for businesses seeking employees; to view video references and accolade videos/pictures of potential Employee Prospects, or for businesses looking to post video references, accolade videos/pictures, or blogs from staff, customers, partners, to highlight company achievements.

University – This option is for Universities/colleges seeking students; to view video references and accolade videos/pictures of Student Prospects and Employee Prospects, or for University/Colleges looking to post video references, accolade videos/pictures or blogs from staff, partners, sponsors, to highlight university (or department) achievements.

Organization – This option is for Non-profits, volunteer groups, Greek organizations, etc., seeking members; to view video references and accolade videos/pictures of potential members, employee prospects, as well as groups looking to post video references, accolade video/pictures or blogs from staff, partners, sponsors, to highlight group achievements.

Inquireaboutme® is a registered trademarked, and inquireaboutme, inc. is based out of the Durham/Raleigh, NC area.

Below are some of the current features of inquireaboutme:

• Resume Profiles (Employee/Student Prospects, Sport Athletes users)

• Departments (Employer, University, Organization users)

• About Me Video (Speaking on your behalf, or video about a business, university, or organization)

• Card (Bio of who you are)

• Newsfeeds (Individual and network)

• Groups (w/newsfeed)

• Follow (User of choice)

• Hyperlinks (w/snippet of web page)

• Social Media Web Badge (Direct access to your page)

• Messaging

• Notifications (w/control panel)

• Tagging (other users w/hyperlink)

• Folders (for storing, w/naming convention of choice)

• See Who’s Viewed Your Page/Videos/Accolades

• Live Video Streaming (to record monumental moments for yourself or for another user)

“When I re-entered the job market, I realized the most common way to submit job references was to list them as part of the application process. I often made it to the final round of interviews, but was not hired, even when I felt that I was the perfect fit. I wished my references were contacted on the front end of the interview process, to allow the hiring managers to hear about my value as an employee and to confirm what I already stated on applications or during the interview process. But it is a standard practice for hiring managers to contact references after recommendations for hire are submitted to Human Resources. A better decision about who to hire could be made if references are contacted at the beginning of the process. I realized that was the problem. That’s when the idea to create inquireaboutme, a social media network that allows individuals to submit and highlight their references using videos, came to me. As I began to create the infrastructure for inquireaboutme, I realized that references [not only] apply to employment, and a reference is a form of review. References are important because they allow decision-makers to hear and see what other people have to say about you, a place of business, university or organization. References can be influential and help decision-makers and potential clients make better decisions. Another great thing about inquireaboutme is that it is free. There are no hidden fees. inquireaboutme is the future. I believe it will become the preferred method to not only submit and view references, but also to hear about the positive attributes of a Employee/Student/Sport Athlete, before a final decision is made.

“Attaching a face with a name has a much stronger impact than simply contacting references to ask generic questions and hoping that the person serving as a reference is truthful, and are who they say they are. Viewing references for our other users — Employers, Universities and Organizations (the common platforms where references are required) — will assist prospects with making better choices. inquireaboutme gives consideration to the quality and sincerity of references. It captures real time thoughts, makes positive connections, is authentic and shows that reality, rather than paper, is more powerful. It will take time to build the trend of providing video references, but my team and I believe it will one day soon be the preferred method once people understand its benefits. The recently released app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store via and make inquireaboutme easier to utilize. Where users will look forward to receiving video references, blogs, and accolade videos from others. It’s a humbling moment, that after 5 years of hard work, to be able to offer a fully developed social media network, that can be utilized via online and app.” – Thomas Massey (CEO/Founder – inquireaboutme, inc.)

For more information about this exciting social media network, email: [email protected].

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