“Sliver Moon” by Olivia South is a Post-Utopian Fantasy Centering Around Deep, Universal Conflicts

December 02 06:34 2020

A post-utopian fiction, “Sliver Moon” by Olivia South is a riveting tale of unknown parenthood, revenge, and unfulfilled love. When dark shadows loom around, the heart longs for a ray of hope, and that’s what the fiction delivers. Subtitled ‘One Destination, Many Parallels and Heroes’, this is a work that will engross all fans of sci-fi, thrillers, and YA fiction.

The protagonist knows her goals too well, for her mother had narrated her origins in no unambiguous terms. She knows who sperm donors are, and her Earth father was one among them, only to abandon her mother at the first crack. The way he escaped was also amazing, for he just climbed up on a tree and disappeared. The father isn’t dead, though, his soul may still exist, and she must find him and destroy him.

The plot of “Sliver Moon” carries a greater depth than mere personal revenge. For the father is one among Death Heart’s pawns, and his master is the evilest of all evils. Death Heart is also back, and the conflict is inevitable, for “It’s my duty to take over the Creator’s kingdom and start a whole new storybook.”

There is plenty of romance and broken hearts in the novel. The protagonist doesn’t want to marry Eric, a loser. There is Bianca, gullible and with a hot and smoking man, Sigor. Then there are Yara, LaChandra, who is trapped, and Aleuzia, who must be won over.

“Sliver Moon” is written in a crisp, entertaining style, with plenty of depths in characters and a conflict that occurs at a cosmic scale. The earth is the playground for this short imaginative tale and will be liked by everyone who loves fantasy and utopian fiction.

Buy “Sliver Moon” by Olivia South in Kindle and Paperback editions: https://www.amazon.com/Sliver-Moon-Olivia-South/dp/1546276424

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