Getmoreprivacy indicates surge in VPN demand

December 04 01:03 2020
Getmoreprivacy indicates surge in VPN demand

December 3, 2020 – Leading computer privacy firm Getmoreprivacy has revealed that demand for VPNs has taken a sharp climb, possibly reflecting from the increased amount of people being forced to work from their own homes. 

VPNs, otherwise known as Virtual Private Networks, are highly specialist pieces of software designed to provide the utmost security and privacy while set users to go about their daily business online. Accessed through a complicated 16 or 32-bit password, security is premium from the start and encrypted wavelengths provide the privacy needed to aid the prevention of online theft or fraud.

“The recent increase in demand for VPNs no doubt reflects on the side effects of the global pandemic. The year of 2020 has seen a surge like no other in a demand for secure privacy while working at home, and VPNs are naturally the product to obtain in order to achieve that level of security.” – Accounts Manager at Getmoreprivacy.

In addition to the complex passwords in place to prevent unauthorised access into private Internet browsing sessions, VPNs also incorporate a number of other privacy innovations such as the lack of a trace. Cookies and being followed around online are not an issue with VPNs as no trace is left behind by the activity within a session and once the connection is cut, there is no way of retrieving the data that was used or viewed in that time. 

“People ask whether VPNs are worth the cost to protect themselves online. My response to them is that privacy and security should never be decided due to budget. Just like seatbelts are a priority in cars for safety, a VPN keeps you in control and maximises your chances of keeping hold of your personal data and life savings.” – CEO of Getmoreprivacy.

VPNs are also notoriously known for having the ability to sidestep geoblocks put in place to prevent the streaming of online content outside preset boundaries. Although most people sign up to VPNs for the prime security features, this extra benefit can also be beneficial for those working a great distance away from their usual place of work. With all these features, it’s no surprise VPNs are popular.


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