Gizlilikveguvenlik unveils hidden perks of joining up with VPN services

December 04 01:09 2020
Gizlilikveguvenlik unveils hidden perks of joining up with VPN services

December 3, 2020 – Longstanding Turkish firm Gizlilikveguvenlik has officially revealed some of the hidden gems which are offered adjacent to the acquisition of a VPN. 

VPNs, also known as Virtual Private Networks, have seen an impressive increase in demand over the past few years but it’s only now that Gizlilikveguvenlik some of the perks that users are taking advantage of. 

VPN services are most well known for offering premium levels of security online and heightened privacy. Working through encrypted wavelengths, VPNs are only accessible via 16 or 32-bit passwords, also known as keys, which are only passed on to the unique user of the said session. Multiple users can form groups in order to continue working from home, but all links will remain within the group and the exclusive heavily protected wavelength.

“VPNs are more of a necessity than ever before,” says Gizlilikveguvenlik Executive Marketing Manager. “Their multitude of services has long been their selling point, however with so many more people staying at home with their families, the other perks have also gained some markable traction.”

In addition to the invaluable levels of security provided by the VPN service other perks revealed to be connected with VPN services include the ability to get around geo-locked content. 

Geo locks are used globally by broadcasters and online streaming services in an attempt to ensure that only specific audiences can watch certain content online. Being faced with the results of a geolock will mostly appear like a pop-up error message which reads something like ‘content not available in this territory’. 

However, with a VPN users are given the ability to effectively change location without actually going anywhere. VPNs operate through specified servers around the world which provide the connection to the Internet. Users in one country such as Turkey, have the ability to connect to a server in France. Having this alternate location added to the equation gives the user a new IP address which makes it appear as though the user is actually in France rather than Turkey. Meaning that previously locked content is now easily accessible and can be watched throughout the duration of the VPN session. Some of the larger online streaming servers are catching on to this method, however, many VPNs still work effectively.  

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The popular Turkish firm offers some of the most detailed advice to customers to provide accurate guidance on how to use computer systems and networks to their fullest. Now reaching across multiple countries, their customers now have a reputable destination to head towards when seeking the best help connected to VPNs and how to use them wisely.

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