Conquer Goals by Joining an inspiring and popular Second Season of B.O.S.S. Women

January 05 00:15 2021
Dr. Sandi Williams signature event, B.O.S.S. Women (Bringing Your Spectacular Super Power) empower women to be the best and accomplish their goals fearlessly.

There has been a gradual rise in women’s empowerment over the last decades. Women must have access, faith, and the right to choose their wants and needs. Classifying people based on gender is unwise and has little value. Women are also paid less, overlooked as leaders, and limited by access to resources. Women’s empowerment is necessary to solve these circumstances and to have an autonomous role in society. Women’s liberation andpersonal development is a fundamental right to women. They must have equal rights to engage in education, culture, business, economics, and politics. Women’s freedom, productivity, empowerment and the enhancement of their political, social, economic, and health status are a very significant target in itself. Also, sustainable growth needs to be accomplished.

Women’s economic equality requires the capacity of women to compete equally in existing markets; their access to and influence over valuable wealth, access to respectable jobs, control of their own time, lives, and bodies; and expanded voice, participation, and active involvement in public decision-making at all levels, from the family to business. Many Platforms encourage, support, and empower women to be confident and thrive in the whole world, but B.O.S.S. Women (Bringing Your Spectacular Super Power) stands apart from other platforms as they believe a woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform. B.O.S.S. Women (Bringing Your Spectacular Super Power) is an incentive for African American women striving to develop their businesses in difficult times. They are creative and successful, but they might not be recognized as those in the same area. The forum provides the platform for women all over the U.S. to highlight their Super Power and unique talents.

B.O.S.S. Women is a Signaturepersonal development event of Dr. Sandi Williams. She is well known as an inspiring motivator with vast experience and achievement as a non-profit and business development leader. Over the years, she has conducted time management workshops, personal development webinars, and conventions and given one-on-one consultation to women who wish to improve their life for the better. She has a calm, humorous, and lively style that is both relaxing and inspiring. She always focuses on women’s strength and productivity by turning negatives into positivity.

After a successful and highly effective season one of B.O.S.S. Women (Bringing Your Spectacular Super Power), season two, will be launched on 4th January @ 7 pm with live streaming on Facebook ( The second empowering and personal development season of B.O.S.S. is going to feature some of the well-known superwomen, including Shirelle Mosee, creative designer and founder of MinkeeBlue, Dr. Velma Scantlebury, the first successful African American female transplant surgeon in the United States, Kendra Speed-Dropbox Customer Insight Strategist, Shari Williams-Goddess of Drones, Leslie Jean-Mary from highly praised Gift of Life Donor Program, Darlaina Rose an Emotion Code Practitioner and Feyi Raimi-Abraham Black Dementia Company.

During the interview, all these focused women will discusspersonal development, market redlines and business strategies, tackle challenges, set targets, offer innovative programs, and ways to move their companies forward successfully. B.O.S.S. Women from all over the world realize their dominance and lead with authority. They are determined, fearless and have guts, characteristics that makes them victorious and accomplished women. They acknowledge the importance of giving and helping. They set bold deadlines and goals with propertime management skills and work hard until the goal is achieved. They emphasize and don’t settle for less because they know they deserve the best. To be a part of this empowering platform, join them in their second season on 4th January.

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