Recommendation – Catch the tail of 2020 and take a concluding trip to Inner Mongolia

January 05 09:00 2021

Where did all the time go? 2020 will soon be over,before we realize it. Farewell to the past and welcome the new birth. Catch the tail of 2020 and take a concluding trip!

Take a concluding trip in 2020 to a place with ice and snow wonders, stories of time,to release yourself and enjoy quality quiet time. There are folk customs and delicious foods. It also offers unforgettable experience and satisfies your desires of exploring the north. Such a place is not far from you.

Lying right at the exact north of the motherland, it is Inner Mongolia.


Wonderful Ice and Snow

So many secret emotions of ours can be capsulated by the vast snowy dreamland of Hulun Buir! 

Stories of Time

Are you ready to come to the site of Xanadu on the Snow land of Xilin Gol on a snowy day to travel through time?


Release oneself

The winter desert is not only vast but passionate,Come here for off-road driving, playing snow in the desert! Isn’t this uniquely adventurous?

Tranquil Time

After such a busy year, Arxan is the best choice for hot spring and to enjoy the beauty of rime,You will meet cute pets by the side of never-frozen lake, And you can also celebrate new year in a snowy village. This is a really lovely place to enjoy tranquility.


Folk customs

That invincible horsemen heading forward without any fear vividly shows the passion for horse-riding tradition. Steed is galloping with the enthusiasm of people born in grassland.

Delicious foods

You are not strictly a gourmet if you have not tried Inner Mongolian mutton hot pot. Come here and bring delicious warmth to your stomachs with hand-served mutton, mutton shashlik, milk team…


Unforgettable experience

Becoming a deer keeper in Aologuya Deer Tribe as a way to experience primitive living and producing style and also to understand the significance of circle of life and ecology in primitive time.

Passion to explore the north

All the way up to the north, we can feel the intense cold of -58℃ in Lengji Village of Genhe. This is where we can conclude the dream-realizing trip by experiencing a completely different winter.

Grab the tail of 2020 and reward yourself with a final trip to Inner Mongolia!

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