Peak Enrollment Unveils Marketing Programs for Dental Assisting Schools

January 07 07:06 2021
Marketing programs help dental assisting schools target the right audiences and capture new students.

Peak Enrollment is thrilled to announce the launch of their new marketing programs, which have been designed from the ground up to help dental assisting schools fill their classes.

Dental assisting is a growing trade. Statistics show that more than 354,000 dental assistants were employed across the United States in 2019 and that the job market is on track to grow 7% between the years 2019 and 2029, marketing an uptick in demand and a higher need for dental assisting training. Although the demand for dental assistants exists, dental assisting training schools are still facing challenges in filling classes. Both new and existing schools can benefit from powerful marketing campaigns that are developed with the right strategies in mind.

The team at Peak Enrollment understands these challenges and is launching a series of programs designed to help dental assisting schools succeed. “We understand the unique challenges that dental assisting schools face,” said a spokesperson for Peak Enrollment. “Our programs help fill your classes and maximize your profit so you can stay focused on changing lives.”

Peak Enrollment marketing programs include four options. The Core program can double, triple, or quadruple enrollment without increasing a marketing budget by building a more effective marketing strategy. The Core + Applicant Booster package includes of all this plus Google Ad campaigns to boost local search campaigns and get more applicants each week. The Core + Applicant Nurturing program has been built to keep a client in students’ spheres of influence through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and automated emails. The Peak Enrollment Program is Peak Enrollment’s flagship program, offering all of the other three options in a format in which clients can choose to pay monthly, per applicant, or per enrolled student.

“We offer a marketing plan that dental assisting schools can use to help fill classes and maximize profit so they can stay focused,” said the team at Peak Enrollment.

With most dental assisting schools typically working with a small marketing budget, Peak Enrollment offers competitive rates that cater to the needs of schools. This is unique in the marketing agency realm, as most marketing agencies don’t have the same level of expertise in the unique needs of dental assisting schools. Peak Enrollment wants to help clients make the most of every dollar of their marketing budget dollars.

Peak Enrollment is now accepting new dental assisting schools who are ready to overhaul their marketing and maximize their profit with more students. More information can be found at

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Peak Enrollment helps dental assisting schools fill classing by providing blueprints for marketing success.

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