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January 21 08:42 2021

A valuable tool for every bathroom is Arboleaf Smart Scale. Try to lose weight, develop muscle or keep the body composition. An intelligent scale can make measuring improvements over time simple, and if appropriate, adjust one’s diet and exercise.

If compared with other health trackers, Arboleaf Smart Scale is much better. Although many companies manufacture exercise trackers and produce grand scale, it is sufficiently light to transfer it around one’s bathroom and synchronize all data directly with the Arboleaf App that can find on iOS and Android.

For starters, it can track weight, but it also follows the BMI and body structure. It means that one can get a sense of how much of the body’s water, tissue, and muscle are. This device is something people won’t get with a set of smart scales, and a must-have measure if one’s trying to bulk up some strength rather than just lower weight.


The Arboleaf has an elegant style of white glass that, in most bathrooms it looks perfect. It has four high precision G-sensors and four sensitive electrodes work hard together to ensure this smart digital scale accurate & consistent body composition analysis.

After the batteries have been inserted, it is ready to use the Arboleaf App much like a digital standard weight scale.

Syncs with FITNESS APP

The Arboleaf Smart Scale can be paired with smartphones in 2.4GHz wifi condition and Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection of the Bluetooth weight scale is more powerful and steady. Though 5 meters away between the smart scale and smart phone, it still works. The app can automatically sync all the historical data reserved by unlimited cloud storage. There is no need to open the app every time. How convenient it is!

Setup and Operation

First of all, Wi-Fi connection has larger coverage than Bluetooth, which is suitable for large places, such as gym, sports clubs and public locations. Secondly, Wi-Fi connection is more stable, which ensures everyone can receive data instantly as long as there is a stable Wi-Fi signal. Lastly, Wi-Fi connection will automatically upload the data to Cloud, where it has unlimited data storage. Imagine checking old data through Arboleaf app a year later and see all those amazing changes!

Body Composition

The Main Body Composition – this weight scale will provide 14 critical body compositions, including weight, body fat %, body type, visceral fat, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI, metabolic age, Protein, Subcutaneous fat, Skeletal Muscle and Body Weight so that one can understand body composition and make smarter decisions about one’s health.

Arboleaf Sharing

Arboleaf claims up to 8 users can intelligently identify and automatically send data to the appropriate profile based on measurements.

The Arobleaf App allows to add other users, useful for parents and personal trainers, to one’s account. One will access the data in the software, but it will be kept independently.


All in all, it is a great scale for families and friends! Within intelligent scales prominent featured get 35% off on Arboleaf Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Scale. It wouldn’t be shocked to see them more fantastic offers. Some significant savings are also seen with the discount.

Original price is $39.99. Now the final price is down to $25.99.

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