Remove Every Trace of Makeup With Just Water and the Planet-Friendly My Little Secret Eco Pads

February 12 22:24 2021
Replace up to 500 single-use cleansing pads with just one eco-friendly organic cotton pad.

Wearing makeup everyday for extended hours can take a toll on the skin. They can clog up pores, cause irritation, breakouts, and many other skin problems. Some makeup products, especially waterproof ones, are quite hard to remove as well. Many have had to use harsher makeup removers and cleansers that contain chemicals harmful to sensitive skin. Removing just eye makeup alone can have one end up with a pile of single-use cotton pads and still not be able to remove all of the traces – resulting in product build-up in the pores that can cause blemishes and other skin issues. Harsh makeup removers can break the skin barrier, which combined with the wiping and tugging at the skin, can speed up the aging process.

French company My Little Secret Eco Pads, has created a revolutionary product designed to save one’s skin as well as the environment. The company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable beauty solutions that are gentle on the skin, and respectful of the environment. They launched The Secret: reusable pads that safely and effectively remove makeup, while taking a step towards minimizing waste.

Made of premium organic cotton, The Secret features Deepclean ™ microfibers that are 100 times finer than human hair. These microfibers are arranged in a honeycomb or hexagonal shape in order to deeply penetrate the pores, and remove makeup without the need for chemicals, makeup removers or cleansers. Simply dip The Secret pad in lukewarm water, and cleanse the face using circular motions. The soft cotton pads are BPA-free and are not chemically-treated, which make them safe to use even on sensitive skin.

According to My Little Secret Eco Pads, women wear makeup for approximately 50 years, and each use an average of nearly 500 single-use cotton pads per year. This results in a huge amount of waste that takes many years to disintegrate in nature. The Secret pads are completely washable, and can be used up to 500 times. The recyclable organic cotton pads retain their softness even after 200 washes. The cotton is produced without the use of pesticides that can harm the environment.

The French-patented environmentally friendly pads can be purchased online in packs of 3, 6 or 9 pads. Committed to sustainability and the zero waste initiative, the company gives return customers a 40% on their next purchase if they send in their old washable makeup remover cotton pads back for recycling.

At My Little Secret Eco Pads, nothing is wasted and everything is transformed. For more information on their sustainably made beauty products, visit

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