Changing The Job Application Game With Tailored Resumes From Resume Atelier

February 15 20:09 2021
Changing The Job Application Game With Tailored Resumes From Resume Atelier

Miami Beach, FL – Without a doubt, the hiring game has changed over the last few years. In-person screening has been reduced (or eliminated) and more often than not, it’s the robots that are scanning for keywords to select candidates that will pass on to the next stage of the hiring process. To ensure that applicants stand a better chance of getting the roles they’ve applied for, they need an edge with their resume and that is what Resume Atelier delivers.

The expert team at Resume Atelier understands that many businesses and corporations now use an Applicant Tracking System which allows them to cut back on the resources invested in the recruiting process while also streamlining the hiring process. With many corporations investing heavily in an Applicant Tracking System, it is essential to make sure that applicants are up to date and that their resumes are well-positioned for a higher chance of consideration.

Resume Atelier helps their clients to navigate the early rejection phase by making sure that their resumes contain the right information that will propel them to the next stage of the hiring process.

The team at Resume Atelier understand that Applicant Tracking Systems look for hard skills that are listed in the job descriptions while scanning through the resume, the robots pass candidates who have those skills to the next level while shuffling others into the pile of rejected applications. With this system, often qualified persons are filtered out. Resume Atelier addresses all of these issues by making sure that applicants have ATS-ready resumes that position them for a better chance at securing an interview and ultimately, a job placement.

Interested applicants who wish to know how to optimize your resume for ATS can rest assured that the team at Resume Atelier has their best interest at heart. The experts begin the process by analyzing the industry in which the applicant is targeting, then dig into specific target roles as well as their current resume. All of this information, once analyzed, will be processed in the form of feedback to the applicant and then an ATS resume draft is prepared for the applicant’s approval. If the applicant is happy with the resume, they can proceed with their job search, however, the team is ready to make amendments to ensure that their career needs are addressed.

Resume Atelier provides an ATS optimization resume guide that helps applicants to boost their earning potential by at least 17 percent. In addition to this, the services offered by the Resume Atelier team helps applicants to reduce the duration of their search, cuts down on the frustrations of automatic rejections, helps applicants to level-up within their own organization, and also streamlines interaction with recruiters.

Resume Atelier is headquartered at 350 Lincoln Rd Fl 2, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and can be reached via their website. For more information, call +1-305-204-7081.

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