Singer Illya Shpetrik releases new hit song

February 18 01:12 2021
Illya Shpetrik is a fashion designer who specializes in sustainable materials and is now trying her hand at music.

Paris, France – Illya Shpetrik is known for her work in fashion through the use of sustainable material. Her latest passion has been diving into music and exploring the overall music industry. She has released a new hit song on SoundCloud and is proud to own a career in both fashion and music.

The music industry is an ultimate platform for all rising talents. Many pop singers and budding musicians start their career before 20 and get discovered at a very young age but some find their love for music when the time is right. Illya Shpetrik is an emerging name in the music industry. The newbie has been passionate about music since childhood, and she is now marching towards making her dream turn into reality. After owning the sustainable fashion industry, her main focus now is to build a career in music. 

Before getting into music, Illya Shpetrik was widely known for her use of sustainable fashion clothing. Founded in 2010, Illya Shpetrik started her fashion design company that focused on sustainable and natural materials especially everyday uniform clothing. It is based in the United States and has recently shifted its focus on making clothing and masks that have antibacterial coatings due to the strain caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

From fast fashion to cotton, people have been consuming fashion in ways that have been affecting the environment and it’s species. Besides repairing, recycling, and consuming less, it is possible to opt for textiles and clothes that are more sustainable. Choosing Illya Shpetrik and her work can allow people to learn about sustainable fashion designs and some new sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment and species in it. Fashion trend is evolving at a fast pace, and fashion designer Illya Shpetrik continues to explore new ways to make this industry more eco-friendly. These sustainable alternatives have been around for about 10 years, but there are many consumers out there who are unaware. Despite the strain and issues, Illya Shpetrik has managed to create a fashion line with an eye on sustainability.

The idea of sustainable fashion is something that can help the fashion industry do better for the environment while maintaining its glamour. However, this can only be achieved once retailers and designers such as Illya Shpetrik turn towards sustainable fashion collectively in order to make a change to live in a smarter, and more sustainable world.

The fashion world has led her to embark on a new musical journey, as a music artist, she wishes to put in the same amount of dedication and effort used in her fashion design company. With SoundCloud as her current platform, Illya Shpetrik hopes to deliver more hit tracks in the future.

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