Aamer Naeem Reveals Senior Leadership Program Preparation

February 22 12:06 2021

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM – Feb 22, 2021 – Aamer announced the expansion of its global network of advanced leadership development with the creation of a new program. This will optimize team performance because it provides new techniques and skills to them. The program has the capacity to give more flexibility and the speed.

The implementation of strategically designed programs accelerates the performance, content or services. It also offers greater visibility and availability to enhance the way they deliver global projects.

The senior leadership program is also a plus for new projects and organizations to encourage team members to delegate and appreciate each member’s skills. It also enables teams to understand dysfunctional relationships and organizational methods as well as to manage conflicts.

As such, preparing people’s leadership development plan starts with an initial self-assessment, an awareness of strengths and weaknesses. The audience does however need clarity on where the audience ‘end’ is too – audience vision for the leadership journey, that will help give direction for the next steps or objectives.

Aamer Naeem, Director of Innov8 Creative Solutions Ltd, announces a new leadership development plan. Leadership is about relationships with people in a context. As such, people need to be competent in understanding and influencing others and understanding and influencing the context people are operating in too. That requires people to identify the competencies people will need to achieve these two things.

Four key components to getting started with people good leadership development strategy by Aamer Naeem:

• An in-depth self-assessment: Be critical. Be honest. How well do people communicate? Do people understand people’s surroundings? Do people have the skills to influence others? Do people have the insights necessary to move people or an organisation forward?

• Use of mentoring and coaching: people can not lead alone, and the bigger the undertaking the more support people will need. It is a sign of strength when a leader asks for help. A mentor and coach can guide, support and further develop people’s leadership skills. The process will then apply for people to guide, mentor and coach people. Having an effective mentoring programme can guarantee employee retention, as it encourages the development of talent.

• A positive vision of people’s future: What does success look like for people? Who else is there? What can people see and feel? Ensure people have clarity on people’s direction of travel to ensure people take the right road, keep the right company and have the right conversations.

• Write it down: Now people know where people are, people know where people are going, and people know who can help people to get there – get it out of the people’s head and into the people notebook, iPad, laptop or phone. The process alone of articulating and scribing will give peoples further clarity on people’s first steps, milestones, and goals. Use technology: It is an enabler and will make tracking progress and measuring success much easier. Maintain a people scorecard, use it to motivate people on people leadership journeys.

Aamer Naeem’s announced leadership development plan can bring personal and business benefits. It guides self-development, builds self-confidence, and motivates people to keep moving forward. This in turn inspires people, business objectives and performance. People’s enthusiasm for self-improvement is transmitted to people and the culture of growth is nurtured. In the volatile and uncertain world that Aamer Naeem lives in today, prioritizing the development of people’s leadership, and that of people has never been more important to achieve business excellence.

Aamer qualified with First Class Honors as a Pharmacist in 1992 and obtained a Masters of Business Administration with Distinction in 2007. Naeem is currently the Director of Innov8 Creative Solutions Ltd, a consulting firm providing strategic and operational support to Innov8 Training Solutions Ltd which offers leadership development programs in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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