Next-gen phone grip on Kickstarter assures more comfortable and functional phone grip than ever before

March 06 01:51 2021

FlipGrip is a unique phone grip with a patent-pending design that assures the most comfortable and highly secured phone grip with multiple functions.

Forget those bulky regular uncomfortable phone grips that force you to squeeze them hard to the point of being a pain. A young dynamic techie from Atlanta, Riley Snow, has recently launched a new innovative phone grip on Kickstarter which has been uniquely designed to keep user’s comfort in mind. Titled “FlipGrip”, the product is super comfortable, multi-functional, and not only assures a convenient grip but also easy rotation, stand and mount.

The USP of FlipGrip is its patent-pending “X” shaped design that is intelligently contoured to ensure a secured grip naturally yet without compromising on the user’s comfort. All would one have to do here is flip the flaps and then glide fingers into that X-shaped design for a comfortable and powerful grip. The new phone grip works with all kinds of phones and most phone cases.

“With phones getting bigger, they are becoming a challenge to hold with each passing month. Yes, there are phone grips around but they need you to keep them squeezed all the time to have a firm grip on your phone. And that’s simply uncomfortable. This is where our cutting-edge patent-pending FlipGrip comes to the rescue”, stated Snow.

“FlipGrip features an innovative ‘X’-shaped flap pair that enables you to have a grip of your phone naturally and effortlessly, without the uncomfortable squeezing motion required by other grips. This makes it easier to have a strong grip over the phone which also eliminates risks of phone damage from sudden drops.”

Speaking on, Snow mentioned the handy size of FlipGrip that makes it easier to carry along. While regular phone grips measure something around 7 mm, FlipGrip comes with just 5 mm thickness, and its sleek design, as well as smart tapered edges, allows it to glide into pockets and small bags easily.

FlipGrip is made of plastic and is compatible with wireless charging even when the phone is within a phone case. If the phone case is a thick one, a user would simply have to take out the top part of FlipGrip and then his phone is good to go with wireless charging. The new phone grip is compatible with Apple’s latest iPhone 12 MagSafe charger as well.

“Accompanying FlipGrip, we have our FlipMount which will enable users to mount, rotate and adjust the phone in their car or any other surface, such as the wall of the living room. The mount is available as a car-vent version as well as multi-surface version.”

Top features of FlipGrip

● Patent-pending design assures super comfortable and secured one-handed grip

● Rotates 360 degrees so that users can switch the phone from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa easily

● Multi-functional phone grip also doubles up as a phone kickstand for easy viewing of videos on the phone

● Compatible with all phones and most phone cases

● Sleek contour makes it convenient to carry in pockets

● Comes in 24 color, base, and trim combinations

“FlipGrip is ‘the’ phone grip that you have been looking for all this while to keep your phones safe and your fingers in comfort. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring FlipGrip to life and make smartphone handling easier and safer than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on FlipGrip units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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