Discusses Some Benefits of Online Counseling during the Pandemic and Beyond

April 28 06:18 2021 Discusses Some Benefits of Online Counseling during the Pandemic and Beyond

The last year has been hard on everyone, but managing the social, economic, and health burdens that have come along with the coronavirus pandemic have been especially difficult for those struggling with mental illness. The good news is, help is available. With online counseling, there’s no need for clients to take hours off from work and risk their health to go to in-person appointments. Instead, they can get the help they need from qualified therapists from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Reduced Barriers to Care

Some people struggling with anxiety and other common conditions find it challenging to schedule and attend in-person appointments. Others simply live too far away from qualified therapists for counseling to be feasible. With online counseling from a company like Citron Hennessey, those barriers to care are removed, allowing more people to access the help they need.

Improved Continuity of Care

Even people who are committed to attending their appointments with their therapists sometimes miss appointments, and according to, that can be a serious problem. Managing mental health conditions effectively requires ongoing work, which means missing visits due to illness, injury, or trips out of town can really set people back. Since people can attend online counseling appointments from anywhere, they don’t have to worry about setbacks due to the inability to visit the therapist’s office.

Possibility of Accelerated Progress

It’s much easier and more convenient to attend online counseling appointments than it is to head to a therapist for in-person care. As a result, counselors can recommend more frequent check-ins if they will benefit the person or couple receiving care. All of The 8 Best Online Premarital Counseling Programs in 2021 offer flexibility to clients so they can get the services they need. 

It’s also easier to find more information and schedule appointments with specialists who can provide targeted therapy.

Reduce Social Stigma

Despite the dramatic increase in the prevalence of mental health disorders during the pandemic, there’s still a social stigma surrounding therapy. As a result, many people are afraid to seek professional counseling because they don’t want to be judged by their peers. Attending virtual therapy sessions can make those who are afraid of the social stigma surrounding mental health issues feel more comfortable with seeking help.

No Need to Sacrifice Safety

Despite the fact that rates of vaccination against the coronavirus are on pace to ensure that the entire adult population of the United States will have access to an effective vaccine by summer, COVID-19 still poses significant risks for many people. Even after the vaccine rollout has been completed, some people will still feel safer attending visits from home. The good news is, many experts believe that telehealth is here to stay, so people should be able to access virtual counseling for as long as they need it to protect themselves.

Everyone struggles with maintaining good mental health during times of extreme stress. There’s no shame in reaching out for help, and the popularization of virtual counseling has made therapy available to more people than ever. Now is the time to reach out and find a good counselor.

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