How Entrepreneur Jesse Danku Takes Dental Clinics to 7 Figures and Beyond by Getting Them Actual Sales, Rather Than “Just Leads”

September 02 19:24 2021

Jesse Danku, CEO of has created a step-by-step blueprint that helps dentists get more booked appointments, increase show-up rate and ultimately get more sales, simply by following the “Dental Practice Patient Cheat Code System”.

Online advertising in today’s world is one of the best solutions for growing a dental clinic fast. However, most advertising agencies just get low-quality leads for their dental clients and don’t actually help with the whole buying funnel.

Jesse decided not to follow that path, simply because:

–  His clients were struggling to convert their leads into sales
–  Many of the leads didn’t even show up to their appointments
–  Those that did show up, were not qualified.

That was a pivotal moment for Advanced Alliance Media. The team had to reinvent themselves quickly if they wanted to keep their clients. They invested heavily into R&D and crafted a 3-pillar plan from scratch, that helps dental practices automate 90% of their entire sales process. Jesse puts his money where his mouth is and so far, has spent multiple 5-figures on creating this system that allows them to guarantee results for everyone they bring on board; and if the team don’t get the promised results, they simply give a full refund.

Proven Methods for Growing a Dental Practice (without Hiring a Marketing Agency)

Jesse is a bestselling author. His book, Unexpected became a #1 Amazon bestseller within 7 days after publishing.

On the pages inside, the young CEO explains the exact blueprint his company follows to generate more revenue for their clients, and he also gives away over a dozen battle-tested methods to bring in more high-ticket patients, without spending a penny on paid advertising.

A Low-Risk Way to Start Advertising a Dental Clinic

Advanced Alliance Media’s system is not for everyone and they choose very carefully who they work with. Rather than working with everyone, they guarantee results to the best business owners that they know will put in the work. 

Did This System Work for Other Dental Practices?

One of Advanced Alliance Media’s happy clients is Dr Raval, the owner of Tavern Street Dental Practice. Here is what he has to say about the company after only 30 short days of working with Jesse and his team:

“The results were actually fantastic; they were much better than we thought. And we expected to get maybe 10 referrals a month, but in the first month we had about 50 consultations from invisible braces alone.”

What if Things Go South and Advanced Alliance Media Doesn’t Deliver the Results?

The team offers a low-risk patient acquisition model and they pride themselves on being the agency that is” willing to open with the giving hand” and guarantee results for their hard-working clients. This also means they only take on serious business owners, that they know with absolute certainty will do their very best to get the desired results.

It’s only happened once before when Jesse made the wrong call and took on a bad apple. Owing to this bad decision, he had to refund their entire service fee just 3 days after launching a new client’s marketing campaigns. Jesse states that “It just wasn’t a good fit after all. At the end of the first 30 days, the client would’ve asked for his money back anyway.”

The team doesn’t offer a magic pill, that will explode their clients’ businesses, only a proven system, that requires hard work.

Advanced Alliance Media Operates Differently Than Most Agencies

“When hiring a marketing or advertising agency,” Jesse begins, “the two most important things one needs to look at are:

1.  The person behind the company.
2.  The results they got for their past clients. 

If there is proof for past results, then the system works. When you speak with the owner of the company and the owner is someone you can trust and also knows what they are talking about, then you have got yourself a good deal.”

These days Jesse puts the emphasis on not just providing a great service, but building up a company his clients can trust and rely on for the long term.


For dental practices that are looking to increase their revenue, Advanced Alliance Media offers a fully risk-averse way to get started. They have lower entry plans; in case their flagship offer doesn’t fit their new clients’ budget. 

“Marketing is not an exact science, if it was, then everyone would advertise,” said Jesse. “That’s why Advanced Alliance Media always has their skin in the game, so their clients know that the company culture is more about customer satisfaction.”

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