Sieu Thi Mang Becomes the Leading Destination for Genuine Network Equipment in Vietnam

September 03 17:54 2021
Sieu Thi Mang Becomes the Leading Destination for Genuine Network Equipment in Vietnam
The Hanoi-based company is an authorized network equipment distributor in Vietnam collaborating with the most trusted network equipment and solution providers like Cisco & Juniper to provide customers an array of authentic products nationwide.

Network equipment like switches, routers, bridges, modems are utilized to transmit data and information in a computer network. They play an essential role in the organization by providing security and efficient data transfer across the organization. Therefore, finding the right networking equipment is necessary to ensure smooth communication and interaction between devices on a computer network leading to uninterrupted functioning of business operations.

Finding original network equipment in Vietnam was challenging for businesses as counterfeit products are abundant in the market. By distributing the finest products in Vietnam, Sieu Thi Mang has made networking experiences of their customers simple and efficient by introducing a wide range of products from hand-picked manufacturers known for their quality and reliability when it comes to network equipment and solutions.

Sieu Thi Mang is a leading distributor of networking products in the Vietnam market who has always led the way by bringing top quality, high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide to their customers since they first opened their business 20 years ago. With an eye for detail and commitment towards excellence, Sieu Thi Mang’s vast experience combined with professional service makes them one of today’s greatest distributors among thousands of happy clients all over Vietnam.

Cisco is a trusted name in the realm of networking. Their groundbreaking equipment matches with high technology to fit with changing business needs. Cisco provides networking products for small businesses to large corporations, making it a diverse and competitive manufacturer. Sieu Thi Mang brings all the latest Cisco networking equipment for Vietnamese clients through their online and offline store, guaranteeing that every product sold has clear, transparent information and after-sales support that only genuine importers and distributors have.

Sieu Thi Mang believes in fulfilling the customer needs to the maximum. They have partnered up with several other networking equipment manufacturers like Juniper and fulfill their responsibility to deliver the products carefully. The store carries and provides original juniper network equipment all across Vietnam at the most favorable prices. The company is committed to offering only genuine imported products, and to exhibit its commitment, they promise to refund 100 times the order value if the customers detect poor quality goods from them. Moreover, their sales and engineering team is ready to serve and support every customer anytime, anywhere, every day of the 24/24 week. They have the most flexible policies and are always prepared to offer a solution when it comes to delivery and payment modes.

The company believes in helping its customers make informed decisions about their networking equipment purchases. Therefore they have maintained a comprehensive blog with several in-depth articles and a complete guide to network equipment products to ensure that their customers get the appropriate product that suits their needs and stay updated about the advancements in the world of networking.

For more information about Sieu Thi Mang, visit their official website.

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