SuperStar WKA kickboxing World champion Michael Carson is now looking forward to ruling the UFC

September 03 18:54 2021

Rochester, New York – September 03, 2021 – Great news for Michael Carson fans. The undefeated kickboxing world champion has recently announced about his transition into the Mixed Martial Arts scene to chase his long-standing dream of becoming a UFC world champion. Carson has signed up with the esteemed athlete management company SuckerPunch Ent. and has moved from his hometown Rochester, NY, to the DMV area to pursue his dreams of getting UFC gold by training at the prestigious LLYOD Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy. 

“I am excited to share the news with you all that I have recently made a transition from kickboxing to mixed martial arts and now looking forward to ruling the UFC”, stated the undisputed kickboxing world champ. 

One of the most revered names in the contemporary kickboxing world, Carson commanded great applause from the sports world after winning gold at the WKA/ICO (World Kickboxing Association and International Combat Organization) World Championship in Italy and Gold in 2 divisions at the international games and festivals in Thailand. At present, he stands undefeated with a Record of 22-0. The foray of such a promising sport-star in the MMA scene will be a huge gain for the Mixed Martial Arts world. 

“We are glad to have such a great sport-star like Michael Carson in our team”, noted the leading spokesperson from SuckerPunch Entertainment. “One of the brightest stars of the kickboxing world, Carson has always inspired awe with his powerful moves and strategic counters, and it’s an honor to have the undefeated world champion in the MMA world. His transition to MMA is certainly a prized gain for the mixed martial arts scene and we can’t wait to see Carson ruling the UFC.” 

Speaking about his shift in the MMA sector, Carson mentioned taking a similar path like his idols, the legendary Raymond Daniels and currently UFC world champion Israel Adsenya.  

“I guarantee the UFC ain’t seen nobody like me because there’s no one like me. I’m versatile, and well-rounded in my game like cursive”, added Carson. “I was a professional kickboxer with a Record of 22-0 who eventually decided to move from my small city to a larger city during the global pandemic to chase my dreams of becoming a UFC world champion.” 

Carson believes his shift to the highly sought-after MMA scene would serve as an inspiration to the aspiring MMA and UFC fighters in his community. 

“Im from Rochester, it’s not the pretty place but it’s not the worst either and I love it there. It was never easy growing up but being there made me who I am today and I appreciate it so much. I learned things the hard way but I never lost my fighting spirit and dreams of carving out a name for myself in the sports world. What I believe is that, if I can transcend my life from a small city to the elite stages of the UFC, you too can. I hope my achievements will inspire aspiring fighters from my community to fulfill their dreams of becoming the greatest of UFC fighters in near future.” 

For more information, please follow Michael Carson on his journey via Instagram Soal_Carson

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