Boardwalk Candy Store Combines Its Three Designer Boxes to Create the Perfect Gift

September 06 12:33 2021
The store offers the nostalgic, sweet, chewy goodness of saltwater taffy with a variety of classic flavors.

Boardwalk Candy Store announces the launch of its Collector Box, Shop Box and Assorted Box — gift boxes that contain everybody’s favorite saltwater taffy flavors.

Boardwalk Candy Store’s wonderful gift bundles offer a magical experience with individually wrapped saltwater taffy pieces of watermelon, banana, peppermint, orange vanilla and vanilla flavors.

The founders of Boardwalk Candy Store believe saltwater taffy creates a sense of nostalgia that takes people back to their childhood and hope they get to experience it again. “We believe Saltwater taffy satisfies the sweet tooth, warms the heart and brings back memories with every bite”

Boardwalk Candy Store sources its candy from U.S. manufacturers and thoroughly tests all candy flavors and varieties before deciding what to use. With perfection always at the top of their list, the team ships only within the U.S. to assure the products’ quality remains to their standards.

Their bestsellers include Watermelon Saltwater Taffy, Orange Vanilla Saltwater Taffy, Banana Saltwater Taffy, Peppermint Saltwater Taffy, Strawberry crème Saltwater Taffy, Cinnamon Saltwater Taffy and Vanilla Saltwater Taffy.

People who just discovered Boardwalk Candy Store as well as returning customers will love their new flavors: Mango Chili Saltwater Taffy, Cookie Dough Saltwater Taffy, Strawberry crème Saltwater Taffy, Buttered Popcorn Saltwater Taffy and Pineapple Ginger Saltwater Taffy.

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About Boardwalk Candy Store

Boardwalk Candy Store offers the nostalgic chewy goodness of saltwater taffies with a variety of classic flavors.

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