Learning to Play Piano At Home with Chordify

September 07 03:06 2021
Chordify is a Netherlands-based online music education service that offers piano chords with lyrics, piano diagrams, and various other learning tools for beginner musicians.

According to Flowkey, learning to play piano may help people become more successful in life, as it sharpens concentration, teaches perseverance, promotes discipline, and improves time-management skills. 

These are just some of the many reasons why more and more people of all ages are becoming more and more interested in tackling this wonderful instrument. Many people believe that enrolling in music academies and schools is a prerequisite for learning any instrument while more introverted people favor one-on-one classes with tutors and teachers. 

Given that both options are fairly expensive in the long run, online music education services became more appealing to beginner musicians on cash-strapped budgets. 

Chordify, a Netherlands-based online music education service company is among the most reputable and dependable platforms for aspiring piano players, as the brand offers an eclectic catalog of piano chords and lyrics, diagrams, tunings, and a wealth of music information in general:

“Chordify is an online music education service — made for and by music enthusiasts — that transforms music from YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, or your private collection into chords. Our service automatically recognizes chords from an audio signal and aligns them to the music in a simple and intuitive player. Chordify uses cutting-edge technology to help both novice and trained musicians play the music they want to play.”

The brand has consistently served the global music community since 2013, providing a vast knowledge base, thousands of songs backed by chord illustrations, and state-of-the-art AI technology:

“There is some complex Artificial Intelligence technology going on here behind the chords of Chordify. Ever wondered how it’s possible that you can find the chords for even the most obscure songs? You have our algorithm to thank for that. It never sleeps. It recognizes any audio file from far away and calculates the chords in a nick of time, just so you can play along with your favorite song immediately.”

The brand also offers the basic education of piano music theory for free, teaching beginner musicians how to read a piano chord diagram, how the features of a piano are supposed to be used, and how to use Chordify for Piano.

Chordify’s main features, including availability on Web, iOS, and Android, as well as guitar, piano, and ukulele chords are available for free for all users. 

Customers that subscribe to the Chordify Premium plan will benefit from an extensive array of exclusive features, including unlimited access to songs, the one-click transpose feature, the capability to download chord diagrams and sheets in PDF, change any song’s tempo, setlists, looping features while the ads will be removed. 

The monthly subscription to Chordify Premium costs €5.99 while a yearly subscription costs €1.49 per month (€17.88). More information about Chordify can be found on the brand’s official website.

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