SpaceX Is About To Disrupt The Internet With Starlink, Making Way For The New “Innovation Economy” Companies

September 07 18:37 2021
SpaceX Is About To Disrupt The Internet With Starlink, Making Way For The New "Innovation Economy" Companies
iKooru Is One Of Them. You Can Try It But, A Limited Number of Alpha Seats Are Available — Innovators, Freedom Seekers, and Game-Changers Are Encouraged To Inquire A.S.A.P.

LAS VEGAS – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 – iKooru officially announced plans to start accepting alpha testers. With a limited number of seats available and the anticipated high demand, innovators, freedom seekers, and game-changers looking to launch a product or service need to inquire immediately about starting on our product launch platform for free.

“We help turn your ideas into companies,” said Nick Thoroughman, Founder of iKooru. ”We’ve created a product launch platform to help you build, test, and deploy product ideas faster, while lowering or mitigating risks, helping you make informed decisions in the coming innovation economy.”

The concept was formulated with the collective knowledge, bringing thousands of years of experience together in one place. We’ve combined the knowledge and real-world experience of over 500 experts, entrepreneurs, game-changers, and visionaries. The result? Quantum leaps in the speed, production, and launching of new products and services. 

“Business is an art, and iKooru is your canvas. ‘If your odds are 1 in 100, then try 100 times!’ By using iKooru you either win or you learn. iKooru is for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time, energy, or money trying to figure out what to do next.”

Why take years and pay tens of thousands of dollars for a business degree when, instead, you could be focusing on building a portfolio of businesses within iKooru?  “The faster you can go from idea to successful solution, the faster the world will benefit from what you have to offer. Our mission is to help you create a self-sustaining business as FAST and EASY as possible,” adds Thoroughman. 

The project has been gaining momentum since its inception and removes the need for traditional business education. “By using our product launch platform, you can focus on your idea, serve your customers, and not stress about failure. We’ve successfully removed the traditional knowledge gap associated with starting a business,” says Thoroughman.

Innovators, freedom seekers, and game-changers — interested in more information regarding involvement in our alpha launch should contact us immediately. Full details are available for qualified applicants via their website:

About iKooru

iKooru is leading the charge, creating the next major step in the innovation economy by decreasing development cycles, the risk of innovating, costs of getting customers, and strategically bringing ideas into business models that provide excess value.

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