Pleasure Principal Retreats Helps Couples Connect and Keep the Passion Alive

September 08 21:03 2021
These intimate and exclusive couple’s retreats take participants on a journey of healing and fun to ignite romance.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone welcomes the idea of going on a couple’s retreat. Many rebuff this idea thinking it will reflect negatively on them. But in reality, it is the other way around. Going on a couple’s retreat helps couples and individuals connect and overcome relationship issues and enhance their romantic lives.

Pleasure Principal Retreats proves just that with its intimate and exclusive couple’s retreats. It offers exclusive and intimate retreats designed to take its participants on a journey of reconnection, healing, and fun to ignite many elements of pleasure. Pleasure Principal Retreats has various activities for couples to connect and learn to keep the passion alive at home. It will have activities that ignite, tease, and challenge all of the senses.

Pleasure Principal Retreats is facilitated by nationally-acclaimed and AASECT certified psychotherapist Renee Burwell. A skilled facilitator and expert in psychotherapy and trauma (see Pandora’s Awakening), Renee Burwell takes couples on various activities to help them reconnect with what they find pleasurable and fun. With her help, Pleasure Principal Retreats hopes to create an atmosphere and platform for couples to feel more connected, more intimate, and have the tools to strengthen their relationship and focus from living to work to working to live.

Pleasure Principal Retreats welcomes all couples from different stages of their relationships—whether they are at the beginning of their relationship, trying to keep the fire burning, or on the verge of breaking up. Pleasure Principal Retreats also has retreats designed for single women, men, and trans individuals. All the sessions are focused on making a connection and unapologetic authenticity.

At the moment, Pleasure Principal Retreats is offering an intimate and exclusive couple’s retreat for April and May 2022. The retreat includes lodging and meals, group processing, and an array of activities for couples to promote intimacy. The retreats are taking place in destination spots because the company believes that a change of scenery can help participants disconnect, get away from their everyday stressors, and focus on themselves.

The retreat will give couples time to identify their needs, heal, and increase their relationship skills and intimacy. “Couples can expect to leave with tools to help rekindle and reignite passion and pleasure for years to come,” said Renee Burwell. The retreat will help them process and heal their issues and concerns through therapeutic groups and pleasurable activities that they can transfer into their lives once they’re back at home.

Applications for the April and May 2022 retreats are now open. Visit to find out more.

About Pleasure Principal Retreats

Pleasure Principal Retreats is an exclusive and intimate retreat designed for all things pleasure and intimacy. Led by nationally-acclaimed and AASECT certified psychotherapist Renee Burwell, Pleasure Principal Retreats takes couples and individuals on a journey of healing and fun that will ignite many elements of pleasure to transform their lives.

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