Author Meril Smith brings helpful guides on how to wade through the next pandemic challenges in his book, “Have We Found Our Better Selves?”

September 08 22:42 2021
Author Meril Smith talks about how COVID-19 came about and provided impressive and valuable tips on what to do in a post-pandemic era.

Author Meril Smith takes readers to think more deeply about one’s life, the changing world brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, and how they can navigate through the challenges in the next waves of the pandemic in his book, “Have We Found Our Better Selves? (What We Can Learn from COVID-19).”

“Have We Found Our Better Selves?” is a follow-up to a “survival” book that was written during the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With over a year and a half of living with the COVID-19 virus and the possibility of COVID-19 being with us for a long time, the book helps readers step back and look at how they have thought and acted during the months of pandemic-induced lockdowns and the sudden halt of normalcy.  

The book allows readers to ask themselves, “Am I just trying to forget the whole thing as if it were just a nightmare? Or, are there things I have learned about myself and my family that are important now and in the future? What new skills have I learned? Are there ways I think about and treat other people that have changed? Do I like myself better? Am I finding my better self? Am I also helping each person in my family find their better selves?”

Meril provides recommendations and helpful tips on what to do in a post-pandemic era.

Barbara Bamberger Scott of The US Review of Books describes the book as a “manual for now and the future.”

“The book provides intelligent, practical guidance for all concerned with the new lifestyle template that Covid has imposed,” says Bamberger.  

Meril’s unique experience as a spacecraft controller during the moon landings, a student of history, enjoyment of research, a good sense of humor, a wide variety of life experience, and a forty-year career in all levels of education provides an excellent backdrop for his informative and easy-to-read books. 

Meril grew up at the end of World War II with children of migrant farmworkers, children born in the Japanese internment camps, and children of day laborers and blue-collar workers.  

Poverty, recessions, and helping each other were all basic parts of surviving. 

Living through the times of the Berlin Wall, the Salk polio vaccine, economic recessions, the space race, the development of Silicon Valley, and the Vietnam War fueled Meril’s passion for understanding people and events.  

His training and career provide an excellent backdrop for writing “Have We Found Our Better Selves? (What We Can Learn from Covid-19).”

Those who want to grab a copy of the book may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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