Easily earn the extra college credits needed to qualify for the CPA exam

September 13 12:24 2021
The 150 credit requirement needed to sit for the CPA is no longer a hassle.

Aspiring CPAs have had a really hard time achieving their dream of earning the CPA credential because of the 150-college credit requirement necessary to do so.

Earning these credits has proved to be a significant financial burden and massively time consuming on those who often have little time or money to spare; students have needed to attend additional college classes to earn their extra credits. After earning a bachelor’s, who wants to spend another year in college, or doing a master’s degree in accounting that is both very expensive and time consuming?

In fact, less and less students are sitting for the CPA exam every year, because of the expense and time required that is especially hard for students who are working or have a family. Student loans, anybody?

The founders of CPA credits saw the unfair barrier to entry that was blocking so many from moving up in their career and earning the kind of livelihood they can have and decided to do something about it.

They created an online platform in partnership with a fully accredited partner college to help students fulfil their NASBA requirements FASTER, EASIER, and more affordable than ever before.

CPA Credits.com looked at the pain points of many different students who were frustrated by the difficulties of getting those extra 30 college credits for the CPA requirement, needed to reach 150 credits, and put together an all-in-one solution. This included:

  • 2-minute free sign up
  • 7.5-week courses semesters
  • 70% cheaper than traditional college courses – You’re going to be an accountant, this makes sense
  • Ability to learn at your own pace and schedule – Life is busy, we make it easier to learn on your own time
  • Fully NASBA recognized – all our credits are recognized by state boards
  • Easily transfer credits – Life is hard enough, this shouldn’t be

The Founder’s engaged with prospective CPA students and staff accountants and all of them were searching for the same things:

Accounting courses

Business courses

Elective courses

CPA Credits really listened to what these students had to say and created the quickest way to help them earn their CPA. To learn more, click here: https://cpacredits.com/.

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