Corry Harris Proved It – Music Can Bring Revolution Even Today

September 17 09:52 2021

Musical revolution has a history and it has been a part of numerous revolutionary drives. When we go through the previous revolution, it is evident to observe many singers and musicians took part in it. At present, the musical demographics have changed. People are more into pop, rock, lively music. In addition, it is a common perception that they are less interested in something real or thought-provoking.

Reality seems different from the basic ideology about the musical preference that people and singers have today. Even today, singers have their selection of musical subjects and pieces. When it comes to the musical revolution at present, the name Corry Harris is on top of the list. He is one of the iconic musicians and singers who are taking charge to bring a musical revolution.

Rebellion Vs. Revolution:

Many people think to bring revolution one needs to be rebellious and in music, rebellion comes with some strong opinions and statements that are threshing. However, Harris proved these ideas wrong. He is been in the industry and hitting the sensitive topics that are triggering for the public and governments as well. The focus of the music he products revolves around making the world better and suitable for everyone. Taking care of everything that matters and bringing the right of people to them.

Cory’s Recent Release:

In his Blues series, Cory is coming up with a new song that is pushing the politicians to work. He is mentioning the ocean current on the brink of collapse, dead zones in the world place with zero oxygen. The situation leading to inflation because of climate change, bringing carbon dioxide levels a 50% in the air. Harris made his words clear that what people are breathing that are not even air. It is resulting in premature birth, air pollution making people homicidal, suicidal, and confused, drought, crop failure, floods, and whatnot. In short, he held a series of complaints in the song.

Starting a Drive:

It is not just about the song but Harris came up with a drive to sign the petition and bringing more people to his revolution. He is calling out everyone to be a part of the drive and push politicians and public servants to take action about the situation. Dealing with all the damages, putting them to an even for a better future.

About Cory Harris:

Corry Harris is a musician with a unique approach to highlighting social and environmental problems. He always comes up with a masterpiece to bring valuable thoughts to people and encourage them to be a part of it.

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