DIY Custom Insoles LLC Makes Acquiring Customized Shoe Insoles More Accessible

September 17 15:28 2021
The company’s patent-pending DIY custom-made shoe insoles are now delivered directly to homes.

Custom shoe insoles are no longer podiatrist-exclusive. With the Florida-based company, DIY Custom Insoles LLC’s new proprietary technology, individuals can now access custom insoles at home with ease.

The company’s patent-pending technology was born out of the desire to provide high-quality and long-lasting supportive custom insoles without the expenses and intricacies of going to a podiatrist. By leveraging their years of experience and skills, the team of designers and developers at DIY Custom Insoles LLC created an innovative product that allows individuals to customize insoles at home in a matter of minutes.

“No more long waiting periods, doctor appointments, and high-cost custom-made insoles. Heel, back & knee pain relief insoles are delivered to your doorstep,” said DIY Custom Insoles LLC representative.

The company’s starter kit comes with a molding cushion, a pair of insoles, and a step-by-step manual on how to use the company’s proprietary technology. The process generally includes heating the kit insoles and placing them in the molding pillow. To create a custom fit, users need to step on the heated insole for about a minute until it’s molded to the user’s feet.

The molding cushion can be used to make new custom-fit insoles aside from the one included in the starter kit. The custom shoe insoles are thin and flexible so they can be used for different types of shoes.

Compared to over-the-counter shoe insoles, custom-made shoe insoles promote better support to the arch, heel, and ball of the foot. This allows for better weight distribution and foot alignment.

Through the company’s custom insoles, users are expected to experience ankle, hip, knee, and back pain relief. Athletes and those with plantar fasciitis and bruised heels are also expected to benefit from it.

Due to the increasing awareness about the importance of healthy gait and foot support, people are turning towards custom insoles for pain relief and overall better posture.

In one review left by a client, “I’ve lived with heel pain for years. My podiatrist wanted to prescribe custom insoles but I couldn’t afford the $500 price tag. OTC insoles did nothing for my pain. Ordered a starter kit from DIY Custom Insoles and couldn’t believe the difference they made in my pain. Just ordered more insoles for all my shoes.”

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DIY Custom Insoles LLC is a Florida-based company that’s focused on providing accessible low-cost custom supportive insoles with its new patent-pending technology.

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