CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas debuted in China as part of Mid-Autumn celebration.

September 17 15:45 2021

Changsha – Changsha IFS (CSIFS), as first commercial complex in China to enabled 5G and launched Mixed Reality indoor navigation system iGO, is committed to empowering business with technology, and integrate with art to create experience exceed customers’ expectations.

CSIFS collaborate with the world’s top automobile design company GFG Style and the international surrealist artist Filip Hodas to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Changsha. They will blend technology and arts, virtual and reality to meet a bloom future. Featuring surreal outer space forest and a future concept car which beyond everyone’s imagination.

Redefining the moon with a future look and feel.

On September 15th, CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas made its debut in China at Changsha. The exhibition uses surrealism to lead consumers into the limitless imagination of the moon.

CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas was exhibited for the first time in China

The future moon concept car brought by GFG Style, the top automobile design company, is the spotlight of this national first exhibition. This car is derived from GFG’s concept car. The streamlined body has a sense of future tech. The installation also featured a photo taking area for the classic moments that human beings first leave footprints on the moon with a flag to tribute a key milestone of human’s outer space adventure. A HTML-5 interactive game “Flying to the Moon” was launched for the campaign, blending the traditional image of Chang ‘e and the future car, people can break through the shackles of meteorites to complete the journey from the earth to the moon, at the same time, the public is also invited to enter the hearts of autistic children and explore their imaginary moon!

The exhibition also makes full use of various sensory experiences to create the immersion max space atmosphere, a mixture of metal meteorites and metal parts to create a starry sky meteorite belt with space texture; a combination of scenes and lights to create a misty and dreamy lunar forest space; the new-media matrix composed of 8 LED screens present the starry sky scene in real time and displays 8 works by artists. The deep and ethereal cosmic sound and the humid clouds enhance the audience’s sensory cognition in all directions, as if they were really on the moon.

Flawless integration of cutting-edge technology and surreal art for the hottest photo spot in Mid-Autumn

Italian GFG Style Automobile Design Company was founded in 2015. It was created by legendary founder Giorgetto Giugiaro and automobile designer Fabrizio. Giorgetto Giugiaro is known as one of the most influential car designers in the world, who designed popular models such as golf, BMW M1, Passat, Audi A4, etc. His most famous work DMC DELOREAN has been applied to the classic science fiction movie Back to the Future, which is deeply loved and sought after by the public. For the first exhibition in China, the concept car of the future brought by GFG Style Automobile Design Company not only embodies the excellent automobile manufacturing technology, but also combines the theme of this Mid-Autumn Moon. It releases the design with great sense of space futurity, and restores people’s imagination for the outer sky.

Giorgeto Giugiaro

Filip Hodas, a 3D digital artist from the Czech Republic, focuses on the field of 3D graphics and enjoys very high popularity and attention in the world. Filip has cooperated with many international brands such as Adidas, Coca Cola and Samsung, as well as artists such as Jean Michel Jarre. Over the years, some of Filip’s design works have become more popular, be the front page of many websites and social networks, and appear in many magazines and art books.

Filip Hodas

This art exhibition is the first time that Filip Hodas’s works shows in China with his most famous series, Pop Culture Dystopia I and II. In these work, Filip Hodas recreates popular cartoon and movie characters such as Hello Kitty, Mickey, SpongeBob, Elf Ball, Soldiers in Star Wars, Olaf in Frozen, etc. He depicts the popular symbols in the doomsday scene through surreal realism, which has attracted countless generations of Z in previous exhibitions.

In addition to the collective appearance of classic works, Filip Hodas also participated in the design of the 2021 Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box “LIMITLESS”. The gift box design follows the surrealist style, and the moon mirror lamp is in harmony with its gorgeous color matching. At the same time, it practices sustainable design concept, has the practical function of wireless charging. Hence, the scientific and technological force can last indefinitely. At the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021, while tasting delicious moon cakes, people can feel the future moon world depicted by Filip Hodas, and continue their infinite yearning for the moon!  

LIMITLESS CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas Joint Limited Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box

CSIFS, as a commercial landmark in Central China, has continuously brought more innovative, personalized and interesting shopping and LOHAS experiences through diversified transboundary attempts. CSIFS continues to explore on the road of science and technology empowerment to meet the needs of modern retail industry for digital intelligence. In this Mid-Autumn Festival, CSIFS takes the future science and technology and surreal art as the medium, connects with the traditional festival culture, and creates a wonderful picture of the Mid-Autumn Moon Tour. CSIFS will continue to innovate in the future, expanding Changsha people’s artistic vision and cutting-edge scientific and technological perception with its own creation, and bringing more diversified experiences to the public.

More event information:

LIMITLESS CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas Co-branded Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Gift Box.

Date: From now until September 21

Location: The concierge desks of CSIFS.

After spending over RMB 68,888 on that day, the buyer can redeem one copy of “CSIFS X GFG Style X Filip Hodas Co-branded Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Gift Box” (the gift box is equipped with wireless charging function of mobile phone).

Terms and Conditions: Only up to 2 receipts of the day can be accumulated, and the amount of the receipts cannot be split. Redemption is limited and will be stopped while supplies last. For details, please contact the IFS Changsha concierge desk. IFS Changsha reserves the right of final interpretation to the extent permitted by law.

Fang Wu in painting · Fang Lijun’s cultural and creative derivative brand Fang Wu’s national first exhibition  

Activity time:   From now until October 31, 2021

Venue:  L7 Art Gallery

Activity content:

CSIFS joins hands with Fang Lijun, an internationally influential artist, to bring about the trend experience of art and all things. Fang Lijun’s new derivative limited products are launched nationwide. The artist’s classic paintings reproduce and convey the creative ideas of unbounded art and unlimited true self, and invite people to embark on the journey of self-release of “unable to distinguish”.


CSIFS is the tallest building in Hunan Province with a large shopping mall covering an area of 246,000 square meters. It is located at the intersection of Huangxing Road and Jiefang Road, and occupies a prime location in Changsha. As a one-stop hot spot for entertainment and fashion life, shopping, culture and dining, CSIFS has gathered more than 370 brands, including top luxury brands, jewelry watches, fast fashion and so on. Among them, 100 have entered Hunan for the first time, and 30 double-floor flagship stores selling international brands of men’s and women’s clothing at the same time. Focusing on shopping malls, CSIFS has developed rapidly to become a new landmark in Central China. A series of exhibitions, cultural arts and festivals have been held here, and art exhibitions have been held in cooperation with famous artists such as KAWS, Steven Harrington and Tom Claassen, which has become a cultural hub in Changsha and brought new impetus to Central China. 

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