BioFunctional Health Solutions Recognized As One Of The 10 Best Healthcare Companies To Watch In 2021

September 17 22:33 2021
BioFunctional Health Solutions, innovators in healthcare for the workplace, is excited to keep helping American employees thrive at work with their new offering, YouMari!

BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS) knows that employees are a company’s most vital asset. Healthy employees help any company thrive, and BHS is committed to bringing effective, affordable solutions to the common health issues that plague the American workplace. Innovators at their core, BHS offers the best ingredients for corporate wellness by targeting occupational health, soft tissue healthcare, and screening/prevention tools for employee health.

BHS is excited to announce the launch of YouMari, the first hands-on self-treatment system that can treat musculoskeletal issues from anywhere. Brent Kruel, BHS’s founder, and CEO says that “Our mission is to make American employees feel their best and be their most productive through addressing the big three killers of productivity: pain, poor health and wellness, and infectious diseases; and we will continue on that path.”.

Because their formula is so effective, BHS has expanded its operations in Texas, since many businesses are moving to the area or growing. BHS is the only full-service onsite and digital occupational health and wellness company to also provide professional-grade soft tissue healthcare. Their unique combination of health care solutions and technology is making them very attractive to American companies who are returning to work after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

BHS knows that Covid-19 has helped businesses understand the importance of controlling for infectious diseases in the workplace. Even before Covid, the flu would costs companies more than $11B each year. BHS is proud to have shifted its offerings to make its services more available to small businesses. Now a small business can have access to one of BHS’s registered nurses who can help them bring their employees back to work safely.

BioFunctional Health Solutions Inc is not only the leader in healthy workplace solutions but an innovator as well. They’ve brought the science of soft tissue therapies previously only used in the field of professional athletics to the American workforce. And that’s just one of the ways Biofunctional Health Solutions is bringing health innovations to the American workplace. They recently launched “YouMari”, the first hands-on self-treatment system to identify and treat musculoskeletal injuries from anywhere. Their innovative health systems are also cost-effective, making them available to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. 

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