Launches Line of Ethical and Sustainable Fine Men’s Jewelry

October 02 04:03 2021

Jewelry is and has always been a way to make oneself stand out from the crowd. It’s much more than simply a collage of different metals and stones but is an extension of the wearer’s personality. How a man chooses to express himself says a lot about him. Being conscientious of where those materials are coming from says just as much about the man as the jewelry itself. Does he care about the environment and the future of the planet for those who will come after him?

Merging fashion and sustainability, lets men can conserve the planet and look good while doing it.

Sustainability For Tomorrow

Only in recent years flash fashion has come under fire for its blatant wasting of the earth’s limited resources. Throwing away a perfectly good shirt or pair of shoes just because they are no longer “in” is wasteful and immoral, especially when considering how many people in the world don’t have access to the basic necessities.

Recycling isn’t considered a good business practice because it’s traditionally more expensive to reuse materials than it would be to mine or create new ones. This assumption is changing as more and more companies are making sustainability fashionable and cost-effective. It’s worth spending a little extra up front to ensure the children of tomorrow have enough resources to maintain the same living conditions as today. 

Ethical Sourcing And Why It Matters

Not looking into how a brand sources its materials before buying its product can have ethical repercussions. This is how companies like Nike and Apple have gained media attention for using child labor by outsourcing jobs to places where the practice is legal. Consumers are complicit in immoral corporate practices if they choose to buy their products. If a product is far cheaper than other brands on the market, consider why this is.

It’s possible to reach out to and ask any questions about their products and where they are sourced. 

About Bloedstone

Made in Los Angeles, all Bloedstone products are made of recycled metal and ethically sourced stones for a sustainable future. A husband and wife couple, Cody and Christine Howell, wanted to combine aesthetic, function, and sustainability into their Men’s jewelry designs and have done this by using 100% recycled sterling silver and 14k gold. To ensure the ethical creations of their masterpieces, they have enlisted the help of local jewelry makers to bring their designs from scribbles on paper to the ring on a finger.

Jewelry For A Lifetime

Cheap jewelry will tarnish and has been known to turn fingers different colors. No one will continue wearing poor-quality jewelry that no longer looks good. They’ll throw it out without thinking twice about it. These practices are unsustainable. That’s why it’s imperative to use high-quality, recycled materials that will endure for a lifetime and beyond. A durable ring can turn easily turn inot a family heirloom while increasing in sentimental value. Think about a favored ring being worn by a descendent a hundred years into the future. That’s worth an extra dollar or two.

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