San Diego Performance Marketing Agency Debuts Incubator Program to Help New Brands Skyrocket Their Business

October 08 03:03 2021
Amasa’s innovative methods give startups and small businesses a leg up to help maximize their reach and profits.

Coming out of the recent quarantine, many entrepreneurs are wondering what business trends are paying off right now, and how they could shift their business.

There’s a lot of pressure on business owners to choose the right move the first time around, as the right strategy or that next connection could just be the one to skyrocket their success.

However, a sharp business instinct takes time to develop. It takes many trials and errors over months, or even years.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Amasa, a San Diego-based performance marketing agency, has the experience and expertise to help answer these pressing questions.

As one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world, Amasa combines data-driven strategies with innovative, 360-degree thinking. Gone are the days of flashy funnels and click-bait headlines. Amasa looks at businesses from start to finish, crafting customized customer journeys, and opening hearts and wallets as they do it.

From beauty products to pet care, Amasa continues to break the performance marketing code in each new industry it enters.

Startups and small businesses can immensely benefit from Amasa’s newly launched Incubator Program — one that’s designed to help new brands and eCommerce advertisers rapidly acquire customers and skyrocket their business.

What is the Incubator Program?

The Amasa Incubator Program was developed to swiftly and affordably shepherd businesses from concept to recurring profit, while consistently bringing in customers within three months:

– Month one is all about developing the proper strategy for execution

– Month two is all about developing the right assets (web and media)

– Month three is all about media testing and optimization

The goal is that by the end of month three, each business has a profitable and scalable business model ready to be ramped up for big profits.

The Incubator Program also gives businesses the option of graduating into their full agency services in month four (at a sweet discount).

Why create the Incubator Program?

In the words of Amasa CEO, Alex Brown:

“It’s been a long time in the making. We heard time and time again from potential clients that they were really interested to work with us, but didn’t have the time or budget, or felt like they weren’t ready. Now we can provide a solution that appeals to bootstraps to start their eCommerce journey.”

Amasa saw struggling companies going through endless trials and errors as they attempted to find out what works for their business. Knowing they could help, Amasa divined their incubator solution.

As they tested their Incubator Program, they saw time and time again how they could dramatically cut the learning curve for these businesses. Amasa can do for these businesses in months what would’ve taken these companies years.

The Amasa Incubator Program is filling up fast, accepting only 5 new businesses each quarter.

Startups, struggling businesses and companies that would just like a tried-and-true agency to take a look under the hood should check out this innovative new program to see how Amasa can help bolster their bottom line.

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