My Shea Glow Launches Shea Butter Which Is Available In Customizable Scents

October 08 23:42 2021
My shea glow introduces their new product Shea Glow which is custom scented Shea butter mixed with essential oils

New York, USA – Shea butter is a fat that is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree usually present in Africa. It is made solid at room temperature and has an off-white color. It has been used in cosmetics for centuries as it is moisturizing and rejuvenating.

My Shea Glow has recently launched their new Shea butter called “Shea Glow”. Shea Glow is an organic Shea butter made up of raw Shea seeds from West Africa, Ghana. It is mixed with essential oils, coconut oil, and mica powder. It is not modified by any substance that causes potential harm to the skin. Shea Butter consists of vitamins A, B, and F. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin present in the upper and lower layers of skin. It protects skin from sun damage by stopping the breakdown of collagen and is an antioxidant that protects from sunburn. It also stimulates cell turnover and cell regeneration and produces healthy new skin cells to replace the dead ones. Vitamin B is good for inflamed and acne-prone skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the overall skin tone. Vitamin F helps to keep the skin barrier healthy so it is not inflamed or irritated by other products. Shea butter also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, preventing any sort of infection. The biggest advantage of Shea butter is that it is great for all skin types. Not only does it have moisturizing effects, but it also does not clog pore and produce acne. It rapidly restores lipids producing moisture in the skin. It restores the natural balance of the oils in your skin. Hence, it is non comedogenic. Shea butter also naturally stimulates collagen production and keeps the skin tight and wrinkle-free. Hence, is rejuvenating.

What makes Shea Glow different from other Shea butter is that it consists of aromatherapy essential oils. Their customers can customize and choose the scent of the product. Scents are more important than they seem to be. They are linked to emotion, memory, personality, and healthcare. Studies shows that people can remember memory better if it is related to scents rather than a visual object. Scent plays a great part and has a great effect on a person’s moods. So why not choose one with a positive influence. All smells have a different sort of effect. Some smells have a calming effect, such as lavender. That is the main reason it is usually used in hospitals. And why aromatherapy diffusers are a thing. Some scents increase productivity and alertness. Such as lemon oil scents used in many offices in Japan. Customers can customize their orders when checking out. They can write specifically which scent they want. For example, they want “Apple and Vanilla Mixed” or just the elite old “Jasmine.” Above all, the scents are incorporated into the product through essential oils and not through harmful substances. The fragrance is strong and long-lasting.

Shea Glow has a lot of skin benefits. It also has a wide range of scents that one can enclose in their jar. Combined with its smooth consistency, it is easy to apply and is a great product to condition your skin. Shea Glow makes skin look visually appealing, healthy and makes the person smell heavenly. That’s ticking two senses out of five.  

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