Dyslexia Awareness Initiative Picks Up Steam In The Middle East With New Award

October 09 00:36 2021
Dyslexia Awareness Initiative Picks Up Steam In The Middle East With New Award

Thanks to Mohammad Bahareth, Ibtisam Al Somali and their dyslexia awareness team, dyslexia in the Middle East has begun to receive more of the attention that it deserves. The dyslexia advocates, who are dyslexic themselves, have over 7 years sought to make the public aware of the struggles that dyslexic people have to face. He intends to help dyslexic people like himself learn how to cope with the condition and maybe even get better.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Also called reading disability, dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language.”

Having suffered through dyslexia himself, Mohammad Bahareth knows firsthand that dyslexic people are capable of thinking at a high level like every other person. They just struggle to communicate these ideas. In order to reach their maximum potential, dyslexic people are encouraged to have special learning programs away from crowds and public classrooms. Bahareth has pledged to make sure that dyslexic people in the Middle East get the help that they need through his awareness initiatives. Some of these include dyslexia support groups, support apps, and educational videos. And free online courses 

In September 2021, dyslexia was officially classified as a learning disability in Saudi Arabia after the amendment of the classification system. Mohammad Bahareth revealed that this was a huge win for every person with dyslexia. With this achievement, Saudi Arabians and Middle Easterns with dyslexia can get measured preferential treatment. Bahareth and his team of people with dyslexia are not slowing down soon as they are focused on making sure there are adequate rehabilitation, effective devices, and applications for adaptation and coexistence for persons with such learning disabilities. 

Over the years, Mohammad Bahareth has collaborated with international and local foundations, specialists, adults with dyslexia, and parents to raise awareness for dyslexia. Bahareth’s website in Arabic is dedicated to making trusted information and tools available to help those with dyslexia improve their quality of life and achieving Saudi vision 2030 goals for people with disabilities. Through Dyslexia.sa and the Dyslexia Facebook Support group, Bahareth has reached out to thousands of dyslexic people and educated them about the laws, institutes, and associations that can help them with information, courses, and support to empower and inspire them. Setting his goal onto finding the Saudi Einstein among those people with dyslexia 

One of Bahareth’s numerous campaigns and initiatives caught the attention of Forbes Middle East magazine and he was instantly shortlisted as one of the 100 most influential people on Twitter. Baharath plans to convince the government to make at least one learning disability instructor available at every school in the near future. He plans to achieve this with his book, media interviews and awareness campaign and lectures.

According to HRC International, “Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad Bahareth is an inspiration and advocate for those with learning difficulties. His initiatives raise public awareness about dyslexia and his website’s tools and information to improve the #QualityofLife for those with dyslexia.”

For more information on dyslexia’s initiatives, visit website – Dyslexia.sa.

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