Cheong Gu Metal (CGM), a manufacturer of furniture / interior / door hardware with a variety of colors and unparalleled luxury

October 13 20:36 2021

Cheong Gu Metal, established in 1992, is a company specializing in die casting and has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of products including furniture hardware, interior hardware and door hardware to the market.

In spite of the arduous and difficult time for the industry due to the economic recession and COVID-19 pandemic, Cheong Gu Metal has been putting in its utmost efforts for the continuous development of practical and high-quality hardware through an automation system, and has been showing outstanding performances in its business by means of high quality, reasonable price and thorough manufacturing management.

The products of Cheong Gu Metal are divided largely into furniture hardware, interior hardware, door hardware and subsidiary materials iron hardware. Representative door hardware includes the One-Touch door stopper and magnetic door stopper, etc., while those of interior hardware includes shelf dowel and glass partition component parts, as well as inserts, glass hinges and furniture handles, for furniture hardware.

The door hardware One-Touch door stopper has gained enormous popularity in the market by with the function of a rubber structure that adheres closely to the floor to prevent pushing, along with its elegant external design. It is offered in seven colors, including chrome, grey, gold, chestnut, dark grey, black and white, and is divided into large/small products for sale in the market.

In addition, the magnetic door stopper is offered in six colors: grey, gold, chestnut, dark grey, black and silver. It is a highly competitive product in comparison to existing door stoppers due to its various piece compositions and specifications. This product can be applied not only at the front door, but also to doors inside buildings, and so is anticipated to become very popular in the market.

Cheong Gu Metal recently introduced a robotic arm to its die casting procedures to improve productivity and has drawn the attention of the industry for its extensive product quality upgrade. It succeeded in the realization of more luxurious product colors by attempting a transition from the existing plating method to a coating method. Moreover, the durability of the product was upgraded through an in-house R&D team, thereby launching numerous products with further improved qualities. In this regard, a company official said, “There has been a total reorganization of the entire product line by means of the luxurious coating method, which can produce a much wider range of colors along with the possibility for conversion into an environmentally friendly manufacturing system. ”

In addition, since its establishment, Cheong Gu Metal has been striving to establish more systematic management by focusing on the organization of the system for more harmonious management of its clients. Since securing clients is essential for the competitiveness of the company, Cheong Gu Metal will strive for the development of more diversified products and business diversification on the basis of this competitiveness.

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